"Super Mario Run" has become a sticker ahead of the main game and appears in iMessage

Apple's new product launchThings that were announced at the moment and offered surprises all over the world, "to play with one hand, new Mario."Super marion runIs an application game for smartphones scheduled to be delivered at the end of 2016. A sticker application that allows you to enjoy Super Mario Run like that one game ahead of the gameSUPER MARIO RUN Stickers"Has appeared.

Super Mario Run Stickers now live for Apple's iMessage | GamesBeat | Games | by Jeff Grubb

In the first place, a sticker application is a new application that becomes available from iOS 10. By installing the sticker application on iMessage on iOS 10 you can use illustrations and pictograms (stickers) to color the screen like the so-called "LINE stamp" on the message screen. SUPER MARIO RUN Stickers is also one such sticker application, so installing this will allow you to paste Mario with various poses on iMessage.

Mario sits on the message as follows and nyokinoki comes out from the clay pipe.

The following stickers can be used.

In addition to sticking petapeta on the message, it seems that you can also decorate the picture with a sticker.

There is already a page of SUPER MARIO RUN Stickers on the App Store.

SUPER MARIO RUN Stickers on the App Store

However, if you try to install SUPER MARIO RUN Stickers, "This application requires iOS 10.0" will be displayed.

In addition, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto who is the creator of Mario said to The Verge of foreign news media, "We have lost flat-rate service and in-app purchase from Super Mario Run"TalkIt is suggested that if you have even a smartphone it will be a casually playable game.

Consulting · marketing smartphone · mobile gamesKantan GamesAnalyst, Serkan Toto, predicts that a super marion run will be installed more than 1.5 billion times on smartphones and tablets.

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