Succeeded in producing moving pictures from still pictures with artificial intelligence, but the results are slightly overgrown

A research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is developing artificial intelligence that generates moving images from still images by using algorithms based on machine learning using computers. Actually generated videos are released, but the results are quite "interesting".

Generating Videos with Scene Dynamics - MIT

Machine-Learning Algorithm Generates Videos From Stills | Popular Science

First of all, at MIT, let the computer learn videos of themes such as "beach", "baby", "golf swing", etc., and learn patterns of movements that appear frequently for each theme. Then I will load the still picture and generate the animation according to the theme.

For example, a movie that generated "Beach" as a theme. It is a movie of natural waves that I can not believe that the first was a still picture.

In addition, at the time of article creation, it is the limit to generate such a small size GIF animation.

The appearance of the beach where the setting sun goes pretty well.

But there are things that people have become strangely nullified ... ...

Things that can not be understood for what it is expressing any longer.

It's like this in the case of "golf". While there is a movie where you can feel the atmosphere that you are going to hit a putter from now on ... ...

There are things that mysterious masses are stuffy.

From "train station", the atmosphere of the train entering the station comes out like this ... ...

Even if there is something the train scatters for some reason.

There are also things that I'm afraid to say "I am sorry!"

When processing an image, I firstly recognize "people" and "railroad" and so on from the images. Processing seems to be starting from understanding the situation using image recognition technology which research is advanced in the field of artificial intelligence.

You can check the videos that have been processed like this from the links below, separated by theme. However,When loading each page, the communication volume is about 100 MBAttention, such as connecting to Wi-Fi when browsing, is necessary.






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