The largest e-sports event in Japan "Haasstone Japan Summer Championship" leading to a world competition with a prize of 100 million yen Reporting interview

Only 16 players in the world can participate The total prize money of 1 million (about 100 million yen) boasts "Haasstone World Championship"Will be held from 4th to 5th November 2016. In order to participate in this world championship, it is necessary to win at the summer championship held in the United States, Europe and Asia, and 16 players who won online qualifying from Japan compete against each otherHearthstone Japan Summer ChampionshipBy winning, you will be able to participate in the Asian Summer Championship. We will report from the local site how the finest battle of the incandescent Haasstone Japan Summer Championship will be able to gain the strongest seat in Japan with the largest e sports event in Japan.

Hearthstone Japan Summer Championship: Delivery and Fight Information of Final Competition - News - Hearthstone ハースストーン日本夏季選手権: 決勝大会の配信と対戦情報 -2016-9-8

Do not miss the Hearthstone summer championship! - News - Hearthstone ハースストーン夏季選手権を見逃すな!-2016-9-7

Hearthstone Japan Summer Championship Final Competition - Twitch

Hearthstone is a strategic card game based on Blizzard Entertainment which deals game titles such as "World of Warcraft", "Diablo" series, "Starcraft" series, "Overwatch". If you create an accountWindows · Mac · iOS · AndroidYou can log in with your favorite terminal and play it, and you can play against it by configuring a deck of nine types of "heroes" in all. The Haasstone Japan Summer Championship is a tournament battle to be played with the participation of the "Asian Summer Championship" leading to the "Haasstone World Championships", and the final game will be held with four winners on Saturday the 11th (Sun).

Profiles of 16 players and preview interview can be seen from the following page.

Hearthstone Japan Summer Championship: Interview before each competitor (first half) - News - Hearthstone ハースストーン日本夏季選手権:-各選手出場前インタビュー-(前半) -2016-9-6

Hearthstone Japan Summer Championship: Interview before each competitor (second half) - News - Hearthstone ハースストーン日本夏季選手権:-各選手出場前インタビュー-(後半)-2016-9-7

That's why I arrived at Akihabara Square.

There are stores open for selling snacks and beer near the entrance so you can watch incandescent games with snacks and drinks.

Foods that seemed to be appearing in "Horse stone" which was "numbness pig skewers" were sold.

When going inside from the gate of Haasstone ......

You can enter the entrance. Entrance is free, and a lottery ticket and a wristband will be handed over at reception and at the same time Hairstone goods are hit.

At the venue everywhere "Gathering at the hearth endWe are playing against each other called players.

The final match will be held against the stage on the stage.

On the battle platform, one PC and monitor used for play are installed. The ambient atmosphere is also finished in an atmosphere like a hearthstone.

Hairstone's cosplayer appeared before the stage. Looking at what I am doing ......

There was an event where general participants could play cosplayer and Haasstone.

Furthermore, the high-quality Hairstone's cosplay took in the eyes of Blizzard, and it also appeared in the official campaign of HaasstoneTowelWas also visiting.

There were families who came to the Hairstone event every time. It seems that my father started playing Hairstone and my sons also started playing. The smaller 8 - year - old son does not understand the rules so much, but the bigger 12 - year - old son sometimes wins with his father and wins.

So at 15:30, the countdown to inform the start of the Haasstone Japan Summer Championship began. The state of the venue can be seen from the following movies.

Opening of 'Hairstone Japan Summer Championship' is like this - YouTube

Moderator's free announcerShimizu NakaoHas appeared, countdown started.

He acts as a voice actor of "daughter's father" in Haasstone's gameOchiai KohjiMr. Tanaka showed off the familiar lines in the game.

Mr. Jason Chess who is Production Director of Haasstone also appeared.

And finally, 4 players competing in the finals went upstage. From the left from the left at the age of 20, Gundam Flame player of the history of Hairstone 1 year, uya player of 9 and half months history at the age of 24, yutori athlete who is playing since the age of 23 at the age of open beta, play history at 22 years old Of yearNapicaIt is a player.

That is why the first round of competitors got into the battle table. It is yutori player and Napica player who challenges the first game.

A deck used by both players is released to the venue monitor ......

Finally the Haasstone Japan Summer Championship, which decides the best hearthstone player in Japan, has started!

The game was a seven-game four-for-one standing system, and as of 16:50, both of them held two winning stars ... ...

After close battle, yutori was a player who preempted 4 victories and won the first game.

Next, GundamFlame player and uya player appeared. Another person advancing into the finals will decide in this fight.

The second game was brought to a full set game where each other raised three stars of black stars. In other words, we will have seven games in a row and we will see the tired colors for both players.

It was GundamFlame player who controlled the second game in the longest place. In the interview after the game I was asked about the composition of the deck with a high gambling nature and commented, "I am using it and it is interesting and I think that customers also enjoyed it."

This determines the combination of the finals that determines Japan's strongest. One-fighting of yutori player and GundamFlame player starts. If you win, you can qualify for the Asian Summer Championship.

Since Haasstone is a card game that progresses relatively slowly, it is characterized by being able to understand the contents even just by the audience. Since the hands of both players are visible to the audience, the moment when a good hand came out, there were many moments to show the excitement as if the goal was decided by football.

Finally I won the Gundam Flame player who won the Japan Summer Championship finals final. Next time will be participating in the Asia-Pacific Summer Championships to be held from 1 October to 1 pm on 2nd, and if you can win, it will decide the world's strongest total $ 1 million (about 100 million yen) "Haasstone We will be able to participate in World Championships. It is GundamFlame who shines as the best player in Japan, but it is expected that Japanese e-sports player can win the best seat in the world.

All games of the Battle Games of the Haasstone Japan Summer Championship can be seen on the Twitch page below.

Hearthstone Japan Summer Championship Final Competition - Twitch

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