I tried eating the Garrett Popcorn "Pumpkin pie" with the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon full of autumn

We sell autumn desert pumpkin pie made to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving with popcorn as that garret popcorn from September 1st for period and quantity limitation. I got a popcorn saying that it is a flavor that makes it look like a fragrant autumn with pumpkin and cinnamon, so I tried it to see what kind of taste it is.

【Period / quantity limited】 Selling pumpkin pie from Thursday, September 1! | Garrett Popcorn Shops Garrett Popcorn Shops

Halloween can September 1 (Thu) ~ Limited sale start! It is! | Garrett Popcorn Shops Garrett Popcorn Shops

So, it is a limited-time flavored pumpkin pie that I could get. Also available for a limited time is Halloween image quart can (right) and 1 gallon can (left).

The size is quite big like this street, and the gallon can is larger than the iPhone 6.

Gallon cans are iPhone 6 or higher even for diameter only.

When opening the can, the sweet scent of pumpkin and cinnamon spreads swiftly before opening the inner bag.

I actually tried it up.

Looking closer and like this. Speaking of Garrett Popcorn, famous caramel crisp is characterized by rich sweetness and "Cicada Mix", which is a thick cheddar cheese, is famous, but pumpkin pie is a pumpkin pie flavored candy around popcorn like caramel crisp It feels like coating it.

When eating it actually, the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin drifting from before putting it in her mouth will begin to appear. The coating on the surface is crisp and pleasant texture, but since popcorn itself is not very textured, it is as if you are eating cosmetic coating on the surface. Speaking of Garrett Popcorn, there are many thick and punchy flavors, but pumpkin pie is of course sweet, but it was an impression that it can be eaten easily compared to other flavors.

However, it is still quite sweet to keep eating alone, so it seems that hands will advance as you accompany coffee etc.

In addition, Pumpkin pie is 450 yen including tax, M size is 710 yen including tax, L size is 1060 yen including tax, J size is 2100 yen including tax, quart can is 1400 yen including tax, 1 gallon can is 3300 yen including tax, 2 gallons Can is 6000 yen including tax.

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