Headline news on 9th September 2016

High cospa 8 inch HD tablet from Amazon "Fire HD 8 tablet"The new model of the model was announced. As the name suggests, it is an 8-inch tablet, but what a 16GB model can purchase at 12,980 yen, and if it is a prime member it can be purchased from only 8980 yen. Besides being cheap in price, it also offers a rich set of basic specifications including a battery powered by up to 12 hours, a 50% increased memory (RAM), an 8-inch HD display with 1280 x 800, a high-speed quad-core processor, and a stereo speaker for Dolby audio.

Fire HD 8 - Fun, 8 inch high resolution HD tablet

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Kentucky 's Chicken All - you - can - eat Charge Report, I tried to limit the number of pieces you can eat - GIGAZINE

IPhone 6s is not announced but the fiercer who starts to queue at the Apple Store has appeared - GIGAZINE

IOS version of the browser application "Adblock Browser" that exhausts all advertisements for free, so I tried using it - GIGAZINE

Amazon Sumaho "Fire Phone" Drops to about 100 Yen - GIGAZINE

I tried using "Android Device Manager" to find lost smartphone - GIGAZINE

"Mini Mac" which reproduced the original Macintosh of one-third size with raspberry pie - GIGAZINE

"How A Car Engine Works" to explain the mechanism of the engine by animation - GIGAZINE

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Kirin: It was not "one species" but "Actually 4 species" Genetic analysis - Mainichi Newspaper

Japan Meteorological Agency "La Niña phenomenon occurred" | NHK News

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, from the observation data of the past, when the La Niña phenomenon occurs, it is said that in Japan the temperature tends to be higher in autumn and lower in winter than in normal year.

"Rainfall nuclear fusion" with patent reproduction success in rice, accelerated reevaluation: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In the common sense of physics now, in order to convert the element permanently, a reaction field in the plasma state of 100 ° C or more is required. France, Japan etc. are proceeding with construction of "ITER (international thermonuclear fusion experiment reactor)" under international cooperation. Although it is a method to lock up "100 million degrees Celsius" with a magnetic field by a huge coil, practical application is much delayed compared to the initial target.

In the case of the condensation collecting nuclear reaction, the elements fuse at a low temperature of ordinary temperature to hundreds of degrees Celsius, and the nuclide is converted. When entering the brand new building of the Collaborative Collection nuclear reaction collaboration research department built at the Center for Electrophotography of Tohoku University, there is an experimental device covered with insulation material.

Developing neurofeedback technology that changes face preference in both directions | Information | National Research and Development Corporation Japan Medical Research and Development Organization

An endangered wolf in Africa, save with a vaccine | National Geographic Japan version site

I am impressed by the drama of the universe · · ·. The story of Rosetta and Philae | Science communicator blog

Is the smallest unit of information finally atom? Ultra next generation type memory is born! | Chem-Station (ChemSte)

"This atomic memory has an extraordinary areal recording density of 502 terabytes per square inch."

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Lotus Liao in a whirlpool of abandonment of nationality, alone interview - Yahoo! News

I do not like Lotus Committee separately: Nikkei Business Online

METAKA: Infants and guardians of group infection day care centers in Amagasaki 6 people - Mainichi Newspaper

Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, announced on August 8 that infants and guardians who attended the same nursery in the city were infected with measles. The six people recently do not use the Kansai International Airport which the group infection was discovered, and the infection route is unknown.

"North Korea decides to conduct nuclear test" Chief Cabinet Secretary | NHK News

As a result of taking comprehensive consideration of the information so far, such as the observation of seismic waves different from usual, it is judged that North Korea conducted a nuclear test today. "

North Korea conducts nuclear explosion experiment and announces "Determining the power of nuclear warhead": Asahi Shimbun Digital

North Korea announces that "successful" missiles can be loaded on nuclear warhead experiment explosion 4 pictures International News: AFPBB News

French gas cylinder Suspicious car, suspect woman 1 person IS loyalty investigation source 7 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Watermelon splitting excuse excavation, raid with pickup or murder of Koriyama: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I will give home appliances if I release the gun, Venezuelan government photographs of 10 poor security due to economic crisis 10 international news: AFPBB News

Science experiment: student inappropriate appeal 8 people convey Osaka · Hirakata - Mainichi Newspaper

Production company apologizes in a discriminatory article in Chinese in-flight magazine, 1 net misery or embarrassment picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Samsung's "Galaxy Note 7", banned by Australian Airlines | sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

This time, we announced the ban on using Galaxy Note 7 are Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar of LCC Airlines. According to the news reports, these airlines prohibit the use or charging although they can "bring in the aircraft".

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To discontinue delivery of New Year's cards on January 2nd ... Labor cost burden great: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Delivery on 1st and 3rd will continue.

Hypno Commercial Law (SF Commercial Law) Sneak in Lupo - Momokuri Kokeshi

Necessary things to keep working Women and companies have different consciousness | NHK News

While many women who work do think that it is necessary to understand and cooperate with husbands and workplaces in order to continue working, enterprises need the necessity of "reform of women's own consciousness" I found out that there was a difference in consciousness by the job information company's survey.

Experiment starts carrying baggage of parcel by subway | NHK News

This experiment was conducted to utilize the subway to transport parcel delivery bags to alleviate manpower shortage of the truck drivers and traffic congestion in the city center, the railroad companies Tokyo Metro and Tobu Railway, Yamato Transport Co., Sagawa Express, Japan Post will participate.

Costco churros baked but Mecha nice this! - Grilled parent and child see a dream of flying

Please give the teacher a right to rest. My current life in school for 16 hours is abnormal. - Togetter Summary

[Visit] I will disappear myself if I do not get on. Bike manufacturer "Ke Motorcycle" launched by Keanu Reeves: Yamashita Tsuyoshi - Autoblog Japanese version

Books University students read during elementary school days Ranking | President Online | PRESIDENT Online

Toyota SUPRA Successor Sports Car, 7 photos taken in the form of a test car | Response (Response.jp)

"Can not be word" is the same as "not thinking". - Telegram

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Yamaha artificial intelligence (AI) performance system × Berlin Phil Sharon Ensemble - YouTube

Reason why we switched from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform | Infrastructure / Middleware | POSTD

"People lamenting that BLCD can not be heard because iPhone 7 becomes a Bluetooth earphone!" Togetter Summary

O'Reilly Japan - Deep Learning to make from scratch

Full-scale primer of deep learning. Learn the principle of deep learning fun by making deep learning from scratch by Python 3 without relying on external library. In addition to the basics of deep learning and neural networks, error backpropagation methods and convolution neural networks can be understood at the implementation level. Examples of practical techniques such as determining hyperparameters and initial values ​​of weights, recent trends such as Batch Normalization, Dropout, and Adam, applications such as automatic driving and image generation, reinforcement learning, and why deep learning is superior Is it? Why does deepening the layer improve recognition accuracy? We will also address issues related to "Why".

Sony Japan | News Release | Launch HDR Production Converter Unit "HDRC-4000" and Multipurpose Camera "HDC-P43"

Sony Japan | News Release | Releases 4K compatible shoulder camcorder with industry's first 2/3 type image sensor

Releases pivot type camera compatible with high-definition 4K video shooting | Sony

The world's lightest 15.6-inch laptop computer "LG gram (gram)" released sequentially nationwide from late September | Press Release | LG Electronics Japan

Release 4K LCD "AQUOS" | News Release: Sharp

"Super Dejira" newly appeared! Added large data flat-rate service "data fixed amount 20", "data fixed amount 30" | 2016 | KDDI CORPORATION

Mastercard to start handling Apple Pay | Asia Hub

(PDF)From October "Express" to be able to pay with Apple Pay

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Pokemon GO, banned during commuting Sumitomo Rikko, to notify employees: Asahi Shimbun Digital

TV anime "Burning Table Tennis Musume" PV - YouTube

TV anime "Hagane Orchestra" PV - YouTube

TV anime "Magical Girl's breeding plan" Magical girl introduction PV 4th - YouTube

【Official】 "Pocket Monster Sun Moon" Legendary Pokemon Edition - YouTube

Japan Professional Sports Team · J League Club for the first time entry Tokyo Veldi "e Sports division" established Established football game "FIFA" exclusive player public announcement «Tokyo Verdy / TOKYO VERDY

Softbank Shop and Wyomobile Shop Appear as Pocket Stop | Mobile | SoftBank

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The prestigious Marseille is more severe than the representative!? Hiroki Sakai brews a ruthless aura. - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Vice Chairman of J League Hara Hara, a policy to collect high-quality foreign players! Emphasizing the necessity of creating an environment where you can compete against world players

"Shin · Godzilla" seen as a signboard product reproduction plays: Nikkei business online

Taiga drama of the coming year is "Saigo Don" | NHK News

18 years Decided to big river drama "Saigo don" Tsutsumi Shinichi refuses appearance / entertainment / daily sports online

Former King of Comedy Takahashi 's decision to suspend execution | NHK News

In the year to December last year, he was invaded public high schools such as Tokyo, Koto Ward and Yokohama city and was charged with a crime such as theft by stolen girls' student uniforms in classrooms and change rooms. The defendant admitted the prosecuted content and the prosecutors were punishable by three years in prison.

Judge Akira Sugawara of the Tokyo District Court in the 9th, said, "It is felt that repeating similar crimes for many years, there are concerns about repeat offenses, but the settlement with 16 of 25 victims "There are circumstances to consider, such as being established," he sentenced to two years and six months imprisonment and four years of suspension of execution.

Mr. Yuta Takahata release, counsel's comment Full text: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yuta Takahata, a lawyer who advised comment, "It was not a malicious incident" - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

"Shin · Godzilla" Vocalizable screening guide video - YouTube

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
(PDF)A towel series "fuwapple" focusing on the skin care of the towel sommelier was released from late September!

Kikkoman "Rice fresh soy sauce preservative (NAMASSYOU UGUARUNAAMANA)" sold in limited quantity!

That popular character is finally collaborating with Happy set! Happy set 'Funassy' from September 16 (Fri) Limited time offer ~ Futanashi · Offer to put in Happy set box of design! ~

"Asahi Arisumeru 16 Tea" "Tamaki Japanese Tea Gyokuro Tsumi Supervised by Nadaman" New release on September 20! | Asahi Beverages

Meiji Milk Evolution of the 90th anniversary of chocolate release! "Meiji Standard Chocolate" renewal from September 13 | Meiji Co., Ltd.

~ Cheese ice which can enjoy the popular taste easily at specialty stores ~ "Matcha's cheese stick" New release on September 12 (Monday) | 2016 | News release | Morinaga

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