How to live a life that is mediocratic but happy and satisfying


In the worldCreativeYaproductivity,EfficiencyAlthough there are many things that are often asked, "When asking for wonderful things, sacrificing something by that amount", a phenomenon called "kakonomics" that humans dare to dare to produce low-quality mediocre results Also exists. BBC summarizes the idea of ​​people who live their life based on this kakonomics.

How to be mediocre and be happy with yourself - BBC News

INSTITUT JEAN NICODPhilosopher Gloria Origgi and sociology professor Diego Gambetta of Oxford University conducted a joint research on "mediocrity". The beginning of the collaborative research between the two people begins with talking about "tendencies of people seen in conference and workshop held in Italy" more than ten years ago. According to researchers, the following trends were seen in Italian people.

· The length of the speech is halved or doubled for the assigned time
· The basis of the thesis is not properly revised or it is mixed up with other grounds
· Absent from the meeting without attending beforehand, or attend the opposite
· Message disappears
· Delayed or forgotten? Reduced amount

It is said that these trends were not seen in the UK and France. Two people who thought of these anecdotes interestingly further investigated and came to submit a paper to Oxford University on the phenomenon "kakonomics". Kakos of kakonomics is the meaning of "evil" in the words of ancient Greek. The premise of the hypotheses that the two people thought is very simple and sometimes "the group is trying to create low-quality mediocre results, either consciously or unconsciously."

In Italy, living freely is expressed as "la dolce vita", but if "freedom" at this time points to "freedom" in all of life, the sweet life is very expensive I will. In other words, freedom at this time is the meaning of liberty and a relaxed lifestyle that can be earned in return for not asking for a high standard. According to Mr. Origgi, an Italian philosopher, "People tend to sometimes endure the situation by not being able to endure the rule of efficiency," and in Italy with a sense of "sweet life" kakonomics closely watches It looks like it is done.

ByDave Kellam

For example, in 1990, Italian olive oil manufacturer Leornardo Marseglia was arrested for selling inferior quality olive oil under the label of "Extra Virgin" which shows the highest quality. Later, Mr. Marseglia was innocent, but at that time Marseglia said "Many people have purchased extra virgin labeled items at affordable prices thanks to the quality I dropped," He said that. And for an interview with a magazine held at Mr. Marseglia's home, "For us" good "means" is enough. "I wish there were normal family members." I said.

Although the above example includes dishonesty, there are other examples of kakonomics that take mediocity without seeking high standards.

Krista O'Reilly Davi-Digui, who lives with her husband and three children in Canada, has to drop out of college because of depression, although he major in pedagogy in his school days. After that, taking the qualification of a nutritionist, I am now working as a "happy life educator". Davi-Digui says, "There is always a world" More "" Sacrifice sleep for productivity "" Larger, better "" Message hastening quickly "" destroyed me "Life I did not understand, I felt like unnecessary things, I could not begin or continue doing something.It is felt that most of us want to escape from the hamster wheels and want to take a breath. " It is "What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?In my blog, "If you strive to find wonderful things, I will have sadness, exhaustion, depletion, I will lose joy, is not I enough as I am?" I am spelling. "I like learning but I am not intelligent, I like to write, but that does not mean that it is a famous writer, I am an ordinary human being", says Davi-Digui.

Mr. Mark Manson who is active as a writer and entrepreneur receives thousands of e-mails about self-development from blog readers every day every day, but people are seeking advice to solve the problem by looking at the mail It seems that I noticed that I was worried about my achievement, "what I did not draw in my chosen field". Manson analyzes that people are constantly being wasted of time because they are always exposed to "highlights of others' life" by social media. "The mediocre results are acceptable, but mediocrity as a goal is unacceptable," Manson said.

The same conclusion as above will also appear in Mr. Origgi and Gambetta's research. Mr. Origgi has a friend who restored the house in Italy, but his friend says that it is unlikely that restoration will be completed by the time limit in Italy. However, at this time, the fact that the repair of the house is not completed means that the deadline of payment is extended, so in contract there is something that both sides gain. Such things also happen in people's lives. If you give up a high degree of completion, you will gain flexibility and comfort for that. That makes life a relaxing and relaxing one.

Davi-Digui lives in a town of about 10,000 in the outskirts of Edmonton, Canada. It's a rich place with cobalt blue skies, mountainous forested mountains, a beautiful lake like a mirror, not a big city but loneliness. In addition, Davi-Digui travels many places including Africa, Europe, Canada and many other places. Davi-Digui's husband is from West Africa, so she studied language self-taught. Such a background may be thought of as "not average" to others, but when I removed the image of "ordinary people" in people's head, Davi-Digui It can be a more ordinary person than anyone else.


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