I added a shoe stick to the Starbucks "Golden Maple Frappuccino" and drank it

As a Starbucks autumn new work to taste the flavor of Maple Syrup, Honey · Butter luxuriously "Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candy Walnut"When"Golden Maple Latte"Has appeared. We can eat whipped cream that appeared as customized product for Frapetino dippingShoe stickI also added drinks of hot and ice which can feel the colorful fall of autumn a little earlier.

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Arrived at Starbucks.

There was also a poster of "Golden Maple" type drinks.

So I ordered "Golden Maple Frappuccino with Candy Walnut" (560 yen / Tall tax), hot "Golden Maple Latte" (460 yen / Tax excluding tax), Shoe stick (80 yen tax excluded).

Golden Maple Frappuccino has a source of gold color using maple syrup, honey, butter, walnut paste on top of whipped cream and this source is mixed also in drinks. The Frappuccino part is also mixed with candy-coated walnut, you can taste the crispy texture.

The added shoe sticks are handed over in bagged condition and can be eaten with Frappuccino at your favorite timing. Shoe sticks can be attached to all Frappuccino.

It is cacao nib, which looks like black sesame with a feeling like a baked baked bowl of shoes.

I tried it to Frappuccino. Depending on the amount of Frappuccino you may be overflowing from the cup, so be cautious.

Wool nut sugar is sprinkled over the whipped cream, and the yellow or brown color makes autumn feel.

When drinking as it is, the sharp texture of Frappuccino has a gorgeous maple syrup aroma and strong sweetness. It is a drink limited for autumn, but it is perfect for hot seasons as well Frappuccino. There are plenty of walnuts that have been killed and you can enjoy a variety of textures.

According to the staff, the shoe stick was to say, "Please try various kinds as you can enjoy a different taste depending on the part to be attached such as whipped cream and frappuccino", so I tried eating with plenty of whipped.

Slightly salty crispy shoe fabric, maple scent whipped cream is excellent compatibility. It is difficult to scoop the whip with a straw, but if you have a shoe fabric you can taste with a whipped as much as you want.

When I put on Frappuccino the texture of ice seemed like a new dessert. Because it is quite satisfying with just Frappuccino + shoes stick, if you have a shoe stick for a break in the afternoon, it seems that you can satisfy your hunger as well.

The whipped cream and sauce that is on the golden maple latte have the same composition as the golden maple frappuccino. I tried it hot this time, but also in ice cream.

Latte melting sauce into espresso and steam milk has a bitter bitter taste of coffee, so sweetness is a good feeling. Maple syrup is mixed in warm latte and it is becoming a drink that you can feel the grand and autumn.

Since the whipping cream melts well with the heat of the drink, it is a pleasant place that only the whipped cream at the end does not remain even if you carry it with a lid attached.

Golden Maple Frappuccino offers only Tall, prices are 560 yen without tax, Golden Maple Latte has hot and ice cream, Short 420 yen for tax, Tall for 460 yen, Grande for 500 yen for tax, Venti for 540 yen is. The sales period is limited from September 1 (Thu) to October 2 (Sun) in 2016. Information on energy etc. of each drink is listed on the following page.

Starbucks coffee goods Energy · allergen information
(PDF file)http://www.starbucks.co.jp/assets/images/web2/images/allergy/pdf/allergen-beverage.pdf

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