"Sansaire Delta" which made miniaturized "vacuum cooker" that can make top-level dishes at the store level at home

As the fourth recipe after "baking" "steaming" "boiling", the recipe developed for making terrine of foie gras "Vacuum cooking method"is. Because accurate temperature control is necessary, it was difficult to do at home so far, but due to the evolution of technology, home vacuum cookers have also appeared in recent years. And newly, I made the vacuum cooker compact and stylish "Sansaire Delta"Has appeared.

Sansaire Delta: Make Perfect Cooking Even Easier by Sansaire - Kickstarter

You can tell what kind of product Sansaire Delta is by looking at the following movie.

How to use is easy, first launch the application with Sansaire Delta set in the pot.

Since "Beef" is selected as the material, tap the button "TIME & TEMP (time and temperature)".

Next, choose the finishing choice "Tender Steaks (soft steak)" "Tender Roasts (soft roast)" "Tough (rigid)".

Then the cooking temperature and cooking time are displayed.

Then press the cooking start button.

Sansaire Delta connected to the smartphone warms the water stretched to the target temperature to the target temperature, and the alarm of the smartphone sounds when the temperature is suitable for cooking.

When the temperature of the water has reached the appropriate temperature, put the material and put the sealed bag in the pot.

Then it is OK to leave until the alarm announces again.

After cooking finishes ......

Just eat. It is perfect for hospitality at home party because it will be finished in a superb dish which is inconceivable to be made at home. Also, it is very easy to cook ingredients, which saves time and helps usual dining table.

If you can fine-tune the temperature, set it to 50 degrees if you want steak to rare, 56 degrees if you want to make it medium, you can easily complete your favorite steak without your professional arm.

In addition, since many recipes are registered in the application, it seems that it is easier to use even those who are not confident about cooking skills.

SansaireIs a company that has succeeded in commercializing vacuum cooker using Kickstarter of the cloud funding platform in the past.

However, this time we developed a vacuum cooker "Sansaire Delta" that further evolved the front aircraft. Sansaire which was released last time is Sansaire which is the last time, the new type Sansaire Delta in front. I understand that the size is about half.

Sansaire Delta is miniaturized, stylish, and features a smartphone connection and operation.

Developers are different, but GIGAZINE has already reviewed the low-temperature vacuum cooker. It has been found that it is possible to produce exquisite finish that can not be easily made at home, but the fact that the aircraft was large existed as a neck when purchasing. Sansaire Delta solved this problem.

I tried using the vacuum cooker "Anova Precision Cooker" that pushes the button and leaves it to finish the finest dish - GIGAZINE

The size is 22.8 in width × 10.16 in width × 12.7 cm in width, weighing 1 kg. The temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 100 degrees. The app is for iOS and Android.

Because Sansaire Delta is compact, it can be used by people who say "there is no space to store cookers in an apartment living apartment", there is no longer the need to spend money on dating meals, busy people such as couple working together will shorten cooking time It is also a perfect item for that.

Sansaire Delta is seeking investment with Kickstarter of the cloud funding platform and it is already targeting 100 thousand dollars (about 10 million yen), collecting more than 100 thousand when leaving 29 days until the deadline We have succeeded. If you invest more than 149 dollars (about 15,000 yen) you can get one Sansaire Delta, and if you ship to Japan you will need a separate shipping fee of $ 90 (about 9,200 yen).

The deadline is 20:49 on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 in Japan time.

Sansaire Delta: Make Perfect Cooking Even Easier by Sansaire - Kickstarter

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