I have eaten "ICE AND FRIET" combining hot potatoes and cool ice cream

"AND THE FRIET" of a French fries specialty store, "BEN & amp; JERRY'S" using ice cream "ICE AND FRIET (Ice and Frit)It was that it appeared as a summer collaboration menu, so I went to eat.

BEN & amp; JERRY'S and ice and frit on sale! | AND THE FRIET

I came to Hiroo Main Store "AND THE FRIET" about 5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hiroo Station.

This "Frozen Honey Lemon" is also worrisome ... ...

The target is Kore, "Ice and Frit" (500 yen including tax).

Menu arrived at over 5 minutes after ordering.

"PLEASE ENJOY BOTH! (Please enjoy it both!)" And the man of AND THE FRIET.

Ice is using vanilla ice cream of BEN & amp; JERRY'S.

Ice will quickly melt with the heat of potatoes, so let's get ready to eat a bit. The ice melts on the surface of the potato and soaks into potatoes, saltiness and sweetness mix on the surface of the crisp.

The sweetness of vanilla ice of BEN & amp; JERRY'S is very thick. It is quite easy to eat it by dipping it with hot potatoes. Sales will be until September 25th, so please have a chance if you have the opportunity.

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