Living quietly in the backyard of Siberia for more than 40 years Louikov family who did not even know the existence of World War II

In order to escape the persecution from the Soviet authorities in the 1930s, they fled deep inside the remote Siberian forestLuikov family"Has been quietly living quietly for 40 years or more with no connection with the world at all. In the harsh environment, it seems that deep faith brought about the isolated life from the world.

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II | History | Smithsonian

In 1978, a helicopter in flight to do a geological survey in Siberia, Russia found something like a raccoon while searching for a place to land, with a thick log of tigers in Siberian jungle. After considering the shape and size, the crew have reached the conclusion that it is a garden that humans made for residential occupation. However, this place was a remote place that is more than 150 miles (about 240 kilometers) from the closest villa, and it was a place where the Soviet authorities at that time did not grasp the inhabitants, so it gave me a huge surprise .

In order to explore humans that are regarded as more dangerous than wild animals, scientists began surveying with a base located about 10 miles (about 16 kilometers) from the place. Mr. Galina · Psmenskaya, the geologist who led the survey, said that he searched on a sunny day and used a gift to show friendship while holding a pistol. The survey said that traces of human activity started to be found, such as a container made of bark which is drying potatoes. And finally Ps Mengskaya discovered a hut built at the end of the brook.

When Mr. Bismenskay opens the door installed in a low place, suddenly, a barefoot old man appeared in front of me. Mr. Bismenskaya told the old man of the man who seemed a little frightened, "I was asking you, Hi, my grandfather." After a while I heard that "I have come all this way, Please enter inside, "said the old man.

When Mr. Pisumenskaya, who was guided, entered the hut, Prismenskaya learned that five people in this dimly lit room are living with potato skins and nut shells on the floor. After a while silence, a woman inside cried hysterically and another woman started praying that "a god, our sin is our sin". When I saw the eyes that the fears of two women illuminated with light entering from a small window floated, Mr. Pismenkaya realized he had to leave as quickly as possible.

A scientist group quickly retreated to a place that was several meters away from the cottage, and after about half an hour the doors of the hut opened and the old man and two women came closer. While still looking cautiously and fearlessly wiping out it is a very curiously strange appearance and it is said that we are not allowed it "how little we whispered bread and jam whispered as a present as a gift I heard he returned. Mr. Pisumenskaya asked, "Have you eaten bread?" The old man said, "I have eaten, but they never ate." .

As scientists took time to look for a cabin at the end of Siberia, the name of the old man was Mr. Carpe Ruikov, which has not changed since the 17th centuryRussian Orthodox ChurchOld ritualI understand that it is a man with faith. Mr. Ruikoff speaking frankly about the history of the sectarian being persecuted since Peter the Great, said he was under the religious crackdown that the Soviet Union had done at that time. It seems that he escaped to the Siberian forest with his family after the incident that the brothers were shot and killed by the Communist Party's secret police in 1936.

At that time, Mr. Ruikov escaped with his wife, a 9-year-old son and a 2-year old daughter, with four people. The Ruikoff family who opened the Siberian forest and cultivated huts and crops has new children in nature in 1940 and 1943. However, in the latter half of the 1950s, there was no time to catch food animals, and vegetables such as carrots were being destroyed by wild animals, which means that food shortages occurred. And Mr. Ruikov 's wife, who had given food for the children, he said he died in 1961.

Children who saw transparent cellophane had tenaciously visited the Ruikoff family showed interest, "It turns into glass". The Luikov family, who had been living in the mountains far from the world far away, did not know what had happened in the world by the time it was discovered since 1936, and was quietly sending a life unrelated to the Second World War. However, by learning the Bible, all the children were able to read and write. It is said to the researcher asking, "Is not there anything hurting me here?" Asking, "Are not you afraid to go out alone in the dark wilderness?"

It was a Luikoff family who restored the contact point with "lower bounds", but in 1981 three of the four children died of malnutrition and pneumonia. Mr. Ruikov, who received a request from the emergency helicopter to save the children, said, "All people are alive under the forgiveness of God," and refused the offer. Mr. Ruikoff, who became a family of two, was persuaded to move to the town, but he refused decisively. Eventually, on February 16, 1988 Mr. Ruikoff said he took a breath. It seems that this day was the day after Ms. Ruikov's wife's death. Mr. Ruikov 's daughter, Mr. Agaphia, who has become one alone, continues to live in the back of the Siberian forest.

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