It is expected that a huge amount will be additionally levied as Apple has escaped taxes


Apple was pointed out that "the incentives that Apple receives from Ireland violate the competition law of the EU" from about 2014, but the European Commission seems to regain the preferential treatment tax with additional taxation I was told to the Irish national tax authorities that it was a prospect. There is a possibility that the additional amount may reach about 2 trillion yen.

Apple facing record bill for Irish tax - BBC News

Apple has been pointed out about tax issues before, and Tim Cook said in a documentary that "Apple pays more federal government than any other company." In commenting that "Apple is building sophisticated methods to escape taxes", he commented, "It's a ridiculous political point." On the other hand, concerning the revenues born overseas, returning to the domestic market is that 40% of the total will be collected and the situation is "an estate in the industrial era, not a digital era, It is a terrible thing for the United States because it goes against it. "

Apple commented that Tim Cook, CEO of Tim Cook, is ridiculous about the problematic tax issue - GIGAZINE

However, the European Commission, the EU executing agency that conducted the survey, claimed that between 1991 and 2007 Apple had signed an agreement with the Irish tax authorities to minimize taxes. In the EU it is not permitted for national tax authorities to take measures to preferential tax on certain companies and the European Commission intends to make a judgment that the arrangements between Apple and the Irish tax authorities are in violation of the provisions. This will allow the Commission to calculate the approximate amount Apple should hold in Ireland and the exact amount will be calculated by the Irish authorities.

It is not limited to Apple that it is pointed out that taxes are escaped by authorities in the US and Europe. In October 2015Starbucks and Fiat-Chrysler Auto MobilsEuropean authorities have ordered the Netherlands and Luxembourg that provided tax incentives to take back past favorable items with additional taxes as the tax incentives received in Europe were in violation of the provisions. However, in response to the European Commission's announcement, Starbucks has issued a statement that "This decision has serious mistakes."

The amount to be paid by Apple is undecided and various forecasts are being made, but Mr. Rod Hall, an analyst at JP Morgan, will be up to $ 19 billion (about 1.94 trillion yen) It is said that it can be thought. The judgment of violation of the regulation is expected to be conducted at the local time as soon as 30th August 2016 (Tuesday).

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