Samsung's big screen high end "Galaxy Note 7" disassembled disjointed, structure such as iris authentication · wireless charging · IP68 waterproofing revealed

Samsung's large-screen high-end smartphone released worldwide on August 19, 2016 "Galaxy Note 7"ButSigns of a big hit mainly in South KoreaI am showing you. How the contents of the best of Android smartphones packed with all kinds of functions including Snapdragon 820 and 4 GB memory, 2560 × 1440 5.7 inch organic EL display, wireless charging support, iris authentication function, IP68 compatible waterproof function etc. Whether it is becoming a professional group of disassembly and repair "IFixit"Breaks Galaxy Note 7 apart in a hurry and checks it apart.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Teardown - iFixit

You can check how the Galaxy Note 7 is disassembled apart in the following movie.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Teardown Review! - YouTube

Firstly from the opening and closing work of the back panel. IFixit tool "IOpnerMelt the adhesive with heat with using.

Taking a closer look at it, iFixit made "ISclackPacalli on the back panel with.

Pick-like tool "Opening Picks"Will slowly open the back cover.

Remove the screw ... ....

Remove the coil for wireless charging.

The cover on the left of the image is equipped with an antenna for NFC.

Remove the battery cable connector ......

Remove the speaker unit with built-in antenna.

Then remove the battery stuck with adhesive.

The battery capacity is 3500 mAh. Galaxy Note 7 is 13.48 Wh and more powerful, while iPhone 6s Plus of near size is 10.45 Wh. It is said that waterproof treatment was carefully applied.

Removing the motherboard. The rear camera unit is fitted in the motherboard.

Remove the camera unit with tweezers.

The left of the image is a front camera unit with F number of 1.7 and 5 million pixels, right is a camera for iris authentication.

Remove the rear camera unit from the motherboard.

The red frame is Winbond's Q32 FWXGIG serial flash memory, and the orange frame is OIS compatible gyroscope. In addition, iFixit notes that the gyroscope is likely to have a next-generation model of Galaxy S7 edge.

This type of motherboard. Red frame is made by Qualcomm SoC "Snapdragon 820" & Samsun 4GB memory "K3RG2G20CMMGCJ"Orange frame is 64 GB flash storage by Samsung"KLUCG 4 J 1 CB - B 0 B 1", Green frame is NFC controller" 67T05 "

On the back side, the orange frame is a Wacom touch control IC "W9018", the red frame is Samsung Wi - Fi module "3420S7 G707A3", and the blue frame is Qualcomm RF transceiver "WTR 4905 · WTR 3925".

A rubber seal around the earphone jack. Galaxy Note 7 is capless waterproof and corresponds to IP68.

The daughter board is a collection of elongated bahts and it is considerably thin.

Metal like thin heat pipes, copper liquid thermal dispersion shield.

The part that holds the stylus "S pen" is protected with a plastic cover.

The state with S pen inserted is like this. You can check the gray cover to protect the pen tip.

Volume button cable

A rubber gasket is installed. Galaxy Note 7 seems to have been subjected to elaborate waterproofing treatment.

Since the gasket is fixed with small protrusions, it is difficult to remove unless the structure is understood.

Removing front sensor unit.

The red frame is the LED lamp, the orange frame is the IR for the iris scanning, the yellow frame is the proximity sensor.

So Galaxy Note 7 was made up of these parts.

According to iFixit, the disassembly and repair difficulty of Galaxy Note 7 is 4 in 10 steps, medium level of difficulty. The reasons are that many components can be exchanged modularly, cables and wiring can be removed without disassembling, rear panel replacement is difficult without special tool, front and rear glass is attached with a strong adhesive Because it is being done, it is impossible to exchange it without damaging the edge screen of the curved surface.

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