NASA research papers such as "Free of charge for the satellite Titan's life" and "Fitness in space" can be viewed free of charge so far "PubSpace"

ByFrancisco Schmidt

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), which is progressing the cutting edge of the world's space development for more than 50 years, announced that its research results will be released online on-line, making it possible for anyone to freely search for papers "PubSpace"Has been released.


Nasa just made all its research available online for free | Science | News | The Independent

This decision will be made in 2013 by the White HouseUnited States Science and Technology Policy BureauWas instructed to institutions including NASA to make it easy for anyone to access the research results. Until now, it was provided for a fee, but NASA decided to release most of it free of charge.

The published papers concern the survey conducted by NASA on its own budget, and the content related to the safety of the state is excluded. Still more than 860 papers have been published at the time of article creation, and it is said that it will be added more and more in the future. As a general rule, it will be published in PubSpace within one year from publication of the paper.

To search a paper, simply enter the keyword in the search window at the top of the page and click "Search NASA article in PMC". Here, I tried searching by searching for Apollo plan which was carried out mainly in the 1960 's and entering "apollo (Apollo)".

Then, 38 search results hit. Many papers on the research of the universe were found, such as "High mortality due to cardiovascular diseases recognized by Apollo Moon Astronaut: Possibility of influence on vascular endothelium by radiation in deep space".

When I opened a paper entitled "The Ages of the Luna Seas" contained in it, the actual paper content was displayed.

NASA's research has not only contributed to space development but also to the development of the economy. He is the chief scientist of NASAEllen StofanIn a statement, Dr. In a statement, "By facilitating access to papers, we can increase the influence of our research, scientists and engineers like us as well as studies accomplished by others We are building work on the foundation of achievements, "he says about the significance of this release.

Besides this on the siteTraces of the 400-foot height (about 120 meters) tsunami confirmed on MarsAndOn the statement of Jupiter's planet "Titan",Keeping your body healthy in spaceIt is possible to browse research etc. If you are interested in the universe you are going to be infatuated.

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