Twitter loses some of the head office building due to poor performance


Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, but part of it has a sublace of a total of approximately 183,000 square feet (approximately 17,000 square meters) of space that 1416 employees can work in It was reported that we are looking for a place to lend).

Struggling Twitter lists over 183,000 square feet for sublease at S.F. HQ - San Francisco Business Times

San Francisco Business Times reported that Twitter is renting three rooms in San Francisco headquarters again, and Twitter also acknowledged this. Cresa San Francisco, a broker dealt with subleasing of Twitter's head office, refused comment and the amount of the rent is unknown, but it is said to be presented in a negotiable state. The average rent in the office in the district is $ 72 per square foot (about 0.09 square meters) (about 7300 yen).

Twitter has moved its headquarters to the current mid-market district in 2012 with the company's rapid growth. On the other hand, in 2015Large scale restructuring plan to dismiss 336 employees, And the stock price has declined 56% since the stock was launched in November 2013, it seems that the growth rate of Twitter is getting shadowed.


◆ 2016/09/26 11: 55 Addendum:
Twitter has expressed interest in the proposed acquisition from multiple companies, the American television station CNBC reported on 23rd September 2016. Some companies that are proposing to acquire include Google and, which is a leading customer information management (CRM) software company. The negotiations seem to be in the early stages, but the officials seemed to be able to settle within the year.

Twitter's stock price fell 30% in the year to September 22, but Twitter's stock price on 24th has risen by 21% on this day.

Twitter may soon get formal bid, suitors said to include Salesforce and Google

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