Unlimited Google made box game "It's free" that Yeti jumps over the Himalayas and launches "Verne: The Himalayas"

Game that uses 3D map image of Google map to explore 360 ​​degree 3D Himalayas as Yeti "Verne: The Himalayas "Has appeared from Google. Verne: The Himalayas operates Yeti named Verne to learn the knowledge about Himalayas while running around and flying around at speeds unthinkable for humans.

Verne: The Himalayas - Android application on Google Play

Open the above URL and tap "Install". Verne: The Himalayas is published only for Android version of the article, iOS has not yet been delivered.

Tap "I agree".

When installation is completed, tap "Open" to start up.

It waits about 1 minute to start.

Starting the game starts. Although there is no tutorial, operate Yeti with the virtual cross key displayed at the lower left of the screen.

Tap the right button to jump.

As I advanced Yeti towards you, I could see the face of Yeti.

When you reach the door written "The Himalayas" and tap the button ... ...

The door will open and enter the Himalayas. Since we can see some object ahead, we decided to go there so far.

A description about Himalaya flowed here. It tells me the elevation of Everest and knowledge of beans, but the explanation sound is English so I want you to correspond to Japanese.

A circular map is displayed in the upper right of the screen, and the blue dot indicates an object that can perform the action. . Since I was wondering what "★" on the map is, I decided to aim for ★.

Yeti can run around the Himalayas at a speed that is impossible to compare with humans, because Yeti has a height of about 152 m. Yeti can proceed in seconds in a distance that can take days for a human being.

Discover a balloon in the sky. Verne: The Himalayas has no BGM, it sounds only natural sounds such as wind and snow, which also produces an exquisite atmosphere.

In the place where "★" is written "Mount Everest" was written. Apparently it seems to be the summit of Everest, and it seems that he was climbing inside without knowing. The scenery seen from the top is a magnificent view, but it is surprising to Yeti who climbed Mount Everest in a few minutes.

I found something like a red shield around the summit of Everest. Tap the lower right button and ......

I got on a sled and began to slide on the slope. The red shield seemed to be warped.

You can check the sliding slope of Everest from the following movie.

Yeti downhill Everest with Sled at Google's garden game "Verne The Himalayas" - YouTube

Himalayas in the game are repeating day, evening, and night, and in the evening it is possible to enjoy a different view from daytime.

Next time I will try Hang Rider. Tap the button near the hang rider.

It flew to the sky of the Himalayas as it was.

You can see how Yeti is flying around the Himalayas with a hang rider from the following movies.

Yeti fly around Himalayas with a hang rider at Google's garden game "Verne The Himalayas" - YouTube

When you touch the ground, the hang rider disappears.

Verne: The Himalayas manages Yeti to not only play and fly around, but also allows you to see and learn about Himalayas from many objects scattered on the map. For example, a falling instant photo is ...

It was an actual picture taken from that point.

In the place where "Everest Base Camp" is written ......

You can see the 360 ​​degree image of the base camp.

When using Google Maps on smartphones, there is not much to check up to the 360 ​​degree image, but if you drop it into the game like "Verne: The Himalayas", the hurdle of image browsing will fall one step.

A famous point such as coming out on television, such as a lot of place names are displayed in Himalaya area.

Facilities dotted in Himalaya also exist on the map properly.

You can also view photos inside the facility.

Although I did not encounter this time, animals like Algari and Yak will appear. "Verne: The Himalayas" is a game that you can use to adventure Sakuto and Himalayas in free time and to learn the geography of Himalayas. In the future, I would like to expect not only Himalaya but also development that can explore Japanese sights.

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