People emphasize that "job challenges" rather than salary conditions


Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden, for 135 people who are in different 10 professions, when feeling a sense of work (challenging), and to the contrary "What is the challenge of this job?" "When we asked ourselves, we conducted an investigation.

What Makes Work Meaningful - Or Meaningless

PsychologistViktor · FranklPsychotherapy to help find "meaning to live"Logo TherapyIt is known for. "Will to meaning" that strongly seeks meaning is not limited to living alone, but in 2003 research, it is known to people that 'job challenge' is the most important than salary and other working conditions I will.

However, until now, no investigation has been conducted on where and how people feel rewarding and what role the leader plays in the process. For that purpose it was done by Mr. Bailey and Madden.

Initially, Mr. Bailey and Madden thought that challenges would arise according to the circumstances of the work environment, as well as opinions on other work. However, in reality, it was found that the challenges differed greatly among people, and the trends were also apart.

Apart from this, though it was predicted that rewarding will be felt on a continuous basis, we also realized that while conducting the survey, I felt the meaning of deep meaning of work at an unexpected moment It was.

Although the challenge is not everything, the person who left jobs cited the reason that "I do not feel challenging at work" for the reason. It is best to be able to do a rewarding work with good salary and working environment, but it seems to be difficult to make a match.

ByJonathan Brodsky

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