Mild passion fruit ice and pineapple pulp have eaten refreshing "passion for gold" at Saatiwan

It starts on August 5, 2016Rio de Janeiro Olympic GamesThree types of flavors featuring Brazil, the venue for the show, will appear in the Sanity One Ice Cream. On July 21st the first flavor of the new flavor "Trio de Janeiro GO! GO!Although it appeared, the second bullet "Passion for gold"Was released on August 1, so I ate it to see exactly what it is tasted.

Flavor: Passion for gold [B - R Thirtiane ice cream]

That's why I came to Sanitan Ice Cream right away.

A sticker advertising 3 kinds of summer Brazilian flavor to the showcase.

The order I ordered was "cone / regular size" of "passion for gold".

As you can see, it looks like this, yellow pineapple pulp is mixed in light yellowish ice with light yellowish taste.

When I tried to eat it actually, I imagined sweet and sour summerish sherbet ice, but it was a relaxed and calm taste with sweet and sour passion fruit plus milk based ice cream. There is something like ice creamy chocolate chip in the ice cream,According to releaseIt looks like a coconut crunch. This crisp and tasteful feeling of smooth passion fruit ice cream is very comfortable and it has become ice that will entertain not only taste but also texture.

If you go forward, you can enjoy a variety of flavors that you can enjoy a variety of flavors, such as a part with strong pineapple flavor, part with strong coconut flavor, part with strong flavor of passion fruit ice, etc. due to the influence of pineapple pulp, even passion It is goodness of forgold.

Of course, the compatibility with corn was also good, it became a special ice cream that can enjoy both the refreshing feel of fruit and the richness of milk system ice.

In addition, "Passion for gold" is limited-time sale from August 1, 2016 to the end of September, regular size is 360 yen including tax, but prices are different in some stores.

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