That 'ostriches' that can not fly but it is a bird penetrating into Japan's biggest artificial event venue

That birds are the largest on the ground, they can not fly like birds, but the 'Ostrich' that has the fastest speed among the bipedal animals on the ground is penetrating into the hall of Makuhari Messe where Japan's largest modeling event was held was doing.

I found an ostrich at Makuhari Messe.

At the end of the neck extending vertically with the pin there was a dreadful ostrich.

Ostrich can run at the fastest speed of about 60 km / hour in bipedal animals living on the ground. There are two rude legs to realize that super speed.

Since the neck and legs are so long, looking at the whole picture is preeminent, very stylish.

When looking from the front, it looks like this, except for the center part of the body, it is slender and slender and very cool. I will see the model standing somewhere somewhere.

This is about a joke if you stand side by side with an ordinary person ... It has this presence like this real ostrichWonder Festival 2016 [Summer]It was an ostrich figure that was on display at.

I was exhibiting on 5-07-15 "SapporoThe scale is 1/12. The selling price was 4000 yen.

In this "Sasumusudo", we have also made a number of other realistic animals.

For example, this is "dinosaur x girls (3000 yen)" on the 1/16 scale. It seems like a female high school student keeps a dinosaur in a pet.

1/12 scale "Muffa (5000 yen)"

The left is a 1/10 scale "Alpaca (3000 yen)", and the right is the version of Alpaca using "Alpaca Transform Set (500 yen)".

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