"Fantastic Beast and Magician's Journey" Magical Animals of Harry Pota Fantasy Full Expansion Violently Causes the City to Destruct Comic-Version Trailer Movie on YouTube

A film at Comicon International held in San DiegoFantastic beast and magical journey"Was held and the latest trailer was released according to it. In the latest trailer, a variety of large and small magical animals have appeared, and it shows the appearance of rampaging the streets of New York.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Comic-Con Trailer - Official Warner Bros. UK - YouTube

"It looked like ghosts, I saw my eyes! White eyes shining!"

"That guy got underground!"

Suddenly as "Gogogogo" sounds loud and cracks on the wall.

The stacked bricks made a loud noise and collapsed.

It seems that someone with unknown identity is moving under the ground.

It seems that someone ran away somewhere. Is this a magical animal?

It is the hero's magic zoologist, New Scamander, who has a trunk and is staring at the city of New York.

"There are frequent cases of strange incidents in New York"

"It is not human beings behind this incident"

"It is a secret organization existing for hundreds of years."

Women's painting suddenly begins to move.

The cards are floating in the air.

"Yesterday, a wizard with a trunk entered New York"

"The inside of the trunk that the wizard has is filled with magical animals."

Ruckling and swinging trunk.

"Unfortunately, it seems that magical animals have escaped from the trunk"

I entered a certain room worked for Jacob Kowalski who was a factory worker and a human being but he had a relationship with the magical world by meeting Scamander, Scamander of the hero, and the Ministry of Magic Three of the wizard Tina, Poppinchina and Goldstein.

Tina's younger sister, Queenie Goldstein, who greeted three people. It is a mage with the ability to read memory and thoughts by peeking at the hearts of people.

Behind Queenie, a dress that no one is wearing is ironing.

A boy who enjoys ice skating falls.

A glowing magical animal slowly passed under the ice.

Magical animals who finally appeared in the human world.

A magical animal with a beak in the body like a snake is looking at this from the darkness.

Magical animals escape from the trunk, New York panics.

The mansion fairy who appeared in the movie "Harry Potter" series.

However, in the fantastic beast, the manor house fairy seems to have a certain position.

The chandelier exploded at a meeting where many people gathered.

This is also a magical animal's work.

Two people who discovered magical animals. Scamander hands the helmet to Kowalski "Please wear this on your head".

A magical animal like white birds spread out from the ground with a bassabassa and feathers.

Surprised people.

Magical animals like blue bats are flying around ... ...

Scumander sucked into the hand that I extended.

A Scamander that casts magic.

When Kowalski is staring at a silver egg ... ...

It is pulled with a magical stick.

Shaggy magical animals rampage.

"Please calm down! There is nothing to worry about!"

Scamander is talking about the police who set up a gun.

Looking at the direction in which the rumbling sounds ... ...

Supernatural A huge magical animal is blowing while destroying the building.

I will blow everything away and head towards Scamander.

Cops terrified by police officers.

Although it is an expansion which is worrisome about what it will become unimaginable, here the scene changes to luxurious, while Kowalski applauds, the trailer finishes with a looking expression that "I want to become a witchcraft".

In addition to the latest trailer, a new poster has also been announced

The "Fantastic Beast and Wizard's Travel" will be released on Wednesday, November 23, 2016.

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