"Shin Godzilla and Evangelion merge" Unit 2 Beast "G" Mode "&" First Unit "G" Awakening Mode "

One festival 2016 [summer]At the "Shin · Godzilla" booth, a terrible figure appeared from the collaboration project "Godzilla v. Evangelion".

Toho 30cm series Evangelion Unit 2 Beast "G" mode

That mode that came out with "destruction" and "Q" became Shin · Godzilla

Erotic power up

And this is Toho 30cm series Evangelion first machine Beast "G" arousal form

Overwhelming level of runaway and completely awake in different meaning

Image that seems eroded by Shin · Godzilla as a whole

The detailed information is "Premium Bandai"When"EVANGELION STOREIt is scheduled to be released soon.

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