"Chiken Ramen Potato Snack" and "Scone Day Noodle Soak U.F.O." Pre-Taste Review

Lake Ikebaya, which has sent out a number of surprising taste to the world, collaborated with Nissin chicken ramen on August 8 (Monday) 2016 "Chicken noodles potato snack"And also collaborated with Nissini Yaki soba U.F.O"Scone Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O.We will release. Both products that made the taste more full-fledged than before, but in conjunction with the launch, the campaign of gifting a real chicken ramen and yakisoba UFO as a set will be held from July 19 (Tue) to July It is held until Monday, 25th. Since the actual product arrived at the editorial department this time, I decided to try to enjoy the set that I can enjoy 'substitute ball'.

"Chicken Ramen Potato Snack" with "Snacks" Challenge "Chiken Ramen Potato Snack" "Scone Day Qingyi Soba U.F.O." Sakutsukechiri to replace "Redeep" Campaign

A set of prizes arrived at Dodon in the editorial department. Three bags of "scone Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O." and three bags of "Chicken Ramen potato snack", and two Nissin Chicken Ramen and Nissin Yaki Soba U.F.O.

Two items to be released from Lake Ikebay are kore. Both are reproducing the original package fairly faithfully.

Chicken Ramen Potato Snack PackageHiyoko-chanAlso the figure of.

Scoon Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O.'s package is also a yakisoba U.F.O. intact design with "extreme sauce". The art is fine also when I hold the scones properly with chopsticks.

Chicken Ramen Potato Snack is a collaboration of both dreams with popular items.

Based on potato snacks using potatoes, it seems to have been seasoned to go to chicken noodles such as meat extract powder and powdered soy sauce. Energy is 326 kcal per bag (60 grams).

When I try to eat a snack, again, the degree of reproduction of pretty much chicken noodles. Everyone has done it once, I ate chicken noodles in crispness without returning them with hot water, that flavor will be revived. But, of course the base is potato so the aftertaste is potato snacks themselves.

One of the "scones Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O." said that the plenty of the source powder was covered and the taste of the fried noodles U.F.O. was realistically reproduced.

It seems that the flavor is added to the scones made from corn with source powder, sugar, pork extract powder and so on.

Somehow picking it with chopsticks and trying it out, from the aroma stage it is already "Nissin - yaki soba U.F.O." flavor. When you put it in your mouth, the flavor of the sauce that feels a little sour taste spreads throughout your mouth. It may be that the taste is dense, and this one may be more clearly understood as the degree of reproduction.

· I tried to merge with "real" items
In the Lake Ikebukuya campaign to give a gift that can compare the taste of "chicken noodles" with Nissin - yaki soba U. F. O. I am sticking to the reproducibility of the taste considerably. When I eat snacks of Lake Ikebay on the original goods and eat them, it is said that different texture can be enjoyed, so I actually made it.

First of all, let's fuse 'Chicken Ramen' and 'Chicken Ramen Potato Snack'. By the way, since the chicks printed by HIYOKO are the ones in the editorial department, they are not included in the gift planning.

Put chicken ramen potato snacks on top of the chicken noodles that was finished with hot water. This is because "Hankyu soba Wakana" in Hankyu Jyunzu station premises fire"POTASOBA" that had French fries potted nearbyThere are things that also lead to.

Trying to eat, the soft chewiness of the chicken noodles and the crispy texture of the potato snack came together, so it was quite enjoyable with this. Of course, because the degree of taste reproduction is high, even if you multiply two, there is no problem in compatibility at all. I felt it was a taste that I thought as unexpected as Assami, I had kept eating with Zuzzle unexpectedly.

Next, I try topping "Scone Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O." on top of "Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O."

On top of pre-baked soba U.F.O., topped the scones with Zazar. At this time, rather than putting it from the bag as it is, if you put it in a bag with light bags, you can taste it in an atmosphere like a heavenly drown.

I tried eating scones and fried noodles together, which is quite new experiences as well. Although finely crushed scones are more solid texture than heavenly flesh, plus the crunchy crispy texture to usual soba U. F. O. You can enjoy the change. Also, a rich source of powdered scones is added to the rich taste of the fried noodles U.F.O., and a nice change that the taste becomes more dense. Anyway it may be said that it is a perfect combination for the person who tastes Nissini Yaki soba U.F.O.

"Chicken Ramen potato snack" (actual reference price: around 123 yen tax) and "Scone Nissin-yaki soba UFO" (actual reference price: around 123 yen excluding tax) of Lake Ikebaya are August 8, ) Will be released nationwide.

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