WikiLeaks foretells more than 100,000 pieces of information including President's e-mail regarding Turkish coup d'etat, receives server mysterious attack


In Turkey on July 16, 2016A military coup occurred (attempted)Did. With regard to this matter, we have over 100,000 documents that seems to have led to a coupWikiLeaks (WikiLeaks)Tried to make it public, the server fell into a situation where the server was attacked by the Turkish government or its affiliated organizations.

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In the morning of July 18, since WikiLeaks is planning to publish more than 100,000 materials on attempted coup attempts in Turkey, it is probably subject to censorship in Turkey, so software such as TorBrowser or μTorrent that wraps censorship We made tweet that it is necessary to prepare etc etc.

"WikiLeaks is AKP (Turkish ruling party of government ·Fair development partyIn response to the question "Do you support or confront?", Answered "I am not sure about either, just clarify the truth".

Furthermore, it is revealed that the document waiting to be released is not limited to "100,000 cases" originally mentioned, but "300,000 mails and 500,000 documents".

It is said that both of these information contain both those that benefit AKP and those that hurt AKP.

...... and the official Twitter of WikiLeaks revealed various information, but in about six hours there is a report saying that our infrastructure has been ongoing attacks.

Although not sure about the attacker, WikiLeaks speculated that it was due to "the Turkish government, or its collaborators" from the timing of the attack.

However, even after receiving an attack, WikiLeaks did not stop e-mail disclosure by AKP with President Erdogan.

Publication of documents related to Turkish coups by WikiLeaks is scheduled for July 19 today.

◆ 2016/07/20 11:25 postscript
At 23 o'clock on Ankara time on July 19, 2016, WikiLeaks released documents related to the Turkish coup d'état as we announced. This announcement is "Part 1" which means that 290,448 mails saved in 762 mailboxes are included.

WikiLeaks - Search the AKP email database

◆ 2016/07/21 10:00 postscript
A few hours after WikiLeaks made a document containing mail, the Turkish government found that it blocked access to WikiLeaks.

Turkey blocks access to WikiLeaks after ruling party email dump | Reuters

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