The 18-forbidden card game "OrgasMe!" Winning when the opponent reaches orgasm with full use of "sexual action"

When using a card printed with sexy illustrations such as "sexual preference" "sexual action" "special ability" "reaction" player's "cum maximum meter" increases or decreases, "lose the first time you reach orgasm" Unexpected rule of sexual humor + strategy card game "OrgasMe!"Has appeared.

OrgasMe! - Sex turned into a card game

OrgasMe! Has 110 cards of "Action Card" × 60, "Special ability card" × 30, "Sexual Preference Card" × 15, "Reaction Card" × 16, "Event Card" × 4 110 decks It is a card game that you can play from 2 to 6 people over the age of 18 using.

By action card you can increase Horn (pleasure number) of your opponent's OrgasMeter (cum maximum meter), and when the pleasure number exceeds 10 you will reach "Orgasm (cum)". By using sexual preference cards and reaction cards, it is possible to invalidate opponent 's action cards or to reduce their pleasure values. After these battles, the player who reached the orgasm first will lose.

To start the game, first draw 4 sexual preference cards randomly and choose 2 cards to set as your own sexual preferences from 4 pieces. Since the effect received from the opponent 's action card varies depending on the card, which one to choose depends on winning or losing. Using sexual preference cards can exert different effects, for example, if you use "RELIGION (religion)" sexual preference cards, the effect of "chastity" will be activated, and in exchange for the two cards, the actions used You can set aside without cutting the card. There are 15 other sexual preference cards in total, such as "FOOD (food)" "ROLE PLAY" (role play) "DIRTY (filth)".

If each player decides sexual preferences, you can start attacking each other using the action card you draw from the deck at the game start.

If you use an action card you can raise the pleasure numerical value by 1, and if the sexual preference written on the upper right of the card matches your opponent, you can raise the pleasant value additionally. On the other hand, an attacked player can use a special ability card, and can take measures against defense against opponent's action cards.

In addition, if you use a reaction card, you can invalidate your opponent's action card, then reduce your pleasure number by one, or increase your pleasure numerical value by one. "MIGRAINE ATTACK" (Migraine Attack) "," FAKE ORGASM (Lie's Orgasm) ", etc. are prepared as a reaction card.

In addition, you can use event cards with only 4 cards at any time, for example by using "MOM CALLS" (Mother's Call), you will be able to reduce the number of pleasures of all players by one. The rule of OrgasMe! Is a simple thing to remember in about 5 minutes, and the game is said to be finished in about 25 minutes each time.

In addition, OrgasMe! Is looking for investment with Kickstarter for commercialization. You can earn 1 deck for OrgasMe! With 20 euro (about 2300 yen) investment. If you invest 25 euros (about 3000 yen), 20 action cards, reaction cards and event cards were added in total of 20 OrgasMe!'s "Kickstarter Limited Deck", 45 euro (about 5300 yen) and 50 sheets on Kickstarter Limited Deck You can get a set of "expansion packs" with cards added.

Product shipping is scheduled around December 2016, separately 7 euros (about 800 yen) is required for shipping to Japan. The deadline for investment is just 20 o'clock on Thursday, July 28, 2016.

OrgasMe! - Sex turned into a card game by Michael Neumann - Kickstarter

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