Household book application "Dr. Wallet" who handles receipt input charges fee input for product name / unit price

BySteven Depolo

When taking a receipt with a camera of a smartphone, since the operator visually confirms & manually inputs the contents, the household account book application which is highly evaluated as "high reading accuracy"Dr. Wallet"We announced that it is necessary to subscribe to a pay plan in order to stop data conversion of product name / product unit price among receipt contents & continue inputting.

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This was announced to the address for user registration at the time of user registration, due to the increase in the number of receipts, it took time to convert the data and it became difficult to maintain the quality of the service It is said to be a measure. According to the information from the user, it seems that the timing of sending the notification mail and canceling the unit price input seemed to be close timing, and the service contents had been changed before noticing the mail.

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In the iOS version, if you subscribe to "Monthly Premium" for 600 yen per month, you will enter the product name and product unit price just like you did before. Also, Android version will also be added plans similar to iOS version soon.

The reaction of the user is like this. Many voices acknowledge the high convenience ... ...

Some also point out that they specifically wanted to upgrade the data acceleration speed plan (480 yen) that exists in the iOS version.

According to this user, recently there were many receipts that did not contain the amount and store name.

Yuichi Miyawaki is on Google PlayReview pointed out similar pointsI am writing. According to the review, it was said that only total amount was displayed as of May 18th.

As for the Android version, even though the billing plan has not been prepared yet, the cancellation of input of product name / product unit price has already been applied, so even users who show complaints.

Some people think about stopping use this time, but since Dr. Wallet does not have data export function, transition seems to be hard.

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