Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO) 's way of getting Pikachu · Throwing monster balls · Techniques such as gym battle Summary

A game for smart phones that can walk around the real world to catch Pokemon and battle between players "Pokémon GOIn order to avoid the load on the server, it is increasing not only worldwide simultaneous releases but a little bit more correspondence area, and it is expected to start service in Japan several days. A movie that summarizes the tips useful when playing such Pokémon GO "Pokémon GO: everything you need to know in 9 minutes"The Verge of the news site has released it.

Pokémon GO: everything you need to know in 9 minutes - YouTube

When you start playing Pokémon GO, you first choose to choose one from the sandfish turtle, the lizard, the fusidia.

If we walk here without ignoring Pokemon here, three will appear in another place, but if you keep ignoring it four times, Pikachu appears in the fifth time.

Throwing a monster ball, you can get Pikachu as the 1st Pokemon.

To throw a monster ball, tap and hold the monster ball displayed on the screen ... ...

Flick the screen and fire the ball toward Pokemon.

When you catch Pokemon, you can get items "Hokketsu (Stardust)" and "Ame (Candy)" that can power up Pokemon.

You can use it for power-up regardless of the type of Pokemon, but only Pokemon of the same type as Pokemon caught can use Ame. You can also evolve Pokemon by gathering many amenities.

In Pokémon GO, blue monster ball type "Pocket Stop" is installed in various places.

When you find a pocket stop tap the screen without hesitation.

Flicking the picture of Pocket Stop left and right and rotating it makes it possible to get items such as monster balls. Items of Pocket Stop are updated every 5 minutes, so if you have a lot of Pocket Stops installed in your neighborhood, the next item will be replenished while you are going around and you can collect items efficiently.

Since Pokémon GO has only been about a week since it was released, there is a bug in which the screen suddenly freezes or connects to the Internet while playing. The Verge predicts "It will be improved next week" and calls on you to always check for updates to the application.

For smartphone game beginners, it is important to prepare a mobile battery. You can avoid the situation that "you are caught in the game and your smartphone is out of charge, you will get lost in an unfamiliar place and can not return home."

If smartphones are equipped with a "low power mode" that reduces battery consumption, you should actively use it when playing Pokémon GO.

Also, the Pokémon GO application has "Battery Save Mode".

If you turn on the battery save mode, the screen display turns off when the smartphone faces down, and battery consumption can be suppressed.

Using a smartphone camera, it seems as though Pokemon appeared in the real world "AR mode", if you turn it off, the battery efficiency gains.

When catching a wild Pokemon, a circle is displayed in front of Pokemon and the inner circle is shrinking or expanding. In addition, the color of the inner circle is changed for each Pokemon such as green, yellow, orange, red, etc. The nearer to red it is a rare Pokemon that is hard to catch.

In order to catch the rare Pokemon, there is a hand using a high-performance ball such as a super ball or a master ball. Besides, if the player level rises to 8, the item "Razz Berry" will be lifted.

Giving only Poison to Pokémon ... ...

Pokemon likes it, it makes it easier to get Pokemon.

Throwing the ball at the center of the circle increases the probability of getting Pokemon. Also, if the bonus XP obtained by the size of the inner circle is different, 10 points if the inner circle is the same as the outer white circle, 50 points if it is half the size, 100 points if it is a very small circle You can get.

Turn around the screen and turn monster ball, throw while curving the ball and succeed in Pokemon get, you can get bonus XP. However, there is a need for a higher technique to fire the ball at the target location.

I want to keep Pokemon captured at hand, but there are restrictions on the number of Pokemon that I can carry around.

Too much Pokemon can empty a box by sending it to Dr., and you can get a cake instead of the Pokemon you sent.

On the "Pokemon nearby" page, footprint marks are displayed below the illustration of Pokemon, and the smaller the number of marks, the closer the Pokemon is.

Pokemon without a footprint mark has already appeared somewhere on the map. There is no way to know whether or not you are in the direction where Pokemon is, but on the "Pokemon nearby" page, Pokemon will line up in order from the current location, so it is possible to infer the position somehow.

In order to catch many Pokemon, let's use items more and more. "Okusu (Incense)" is an item that can attract nearby Pokemon.

"Happy Egg (Lucky Egg)" is an item that can get double XP for a certain time.

"Luer patch" can be drawn to PoketStop for 30 minutes by placing nearby Pokemon in the Pocket Stop. Pokemon that has gathered is also an item that seems to be useful for cooperating and playing friends because other users can also get it.

To search for wild Pokemon and Pocket Stop efficiently, it is recommended to use a bicycle or skateboard.

I might be able to go farther than to play on foot, maybe I can meet different Pokemon people.

When riding a bicycle, run slowly to raise "Pokémon's egg", be careful about safety, let's always do screen operation after stopping the bicycle.

As the player's level rises to 5, you will be able to join "Pokemon Jim".

In Pokemon Jim, players are divided into three teams, and we will keep in touch with the gyms that appear on the map.

Placing your Pokemon in the gym, Pokemon protects the gym until it is knocked down by other players.

Since the service has just started, there are many unmanned gyms displayed in gray as shown below.

If you find a gym from another team, you can set up a "Jim Battle" for your opponent. During the battle, three kinds of operations, "Tap the screen to attack", "Swipe the screen to avoid opponent's attack", "Tap & hold the screen, and special attack" are fought during the battle Possible.

Special attacks can be issued when 4 blue marks on the upper left of the screen are complete.

By protecting more gyms, you will be able to get items such as wish and poke coins everyday.

If you challenge the battle at the gym that another team is protecting and defeat your opponent's Pokemon ... ...

The opponent's Pokemon disappears.

Therefore, we arrange the Pokemon on hand quickly.

By doing this you can make Jim a color of your team.

After Jim Battle, Pokemon is exhausting his physical strength, so let's restore with items.

Recovery items can be obtained with Pocket Stop or purchased at the shop.

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