Who actually does 'salary raising negotiations'? About IT industry Visualization of data by age, gender, hometown will be like this

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"Infographs that summarize the results of inquiring about 5,000 people working in the United States that" How much people are working in the IT industry negotiating their salary increase with their boss? "Salary Negotiations Study"Has been released.

Salary Negotiations Study: Data from Tech Employees - Comparably Blog

Comparing the percentage of people who are negotiating salary price increases by region of origin, Westerners are the highest at 53%, followed by 49% of Asian and Pacific island nationals, Hispanic · Latino and African American Is 43%.

According to age-specific survey, young employees aged 18 to 25 are the lowest at 39%, with veteran employees aged 41 to 45 at 59%, the highest result.

At least 47% of Atlanta is the lowest living city. Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the highest was 59% in Washington, DC.

By job title. The president and CEO are the highest at 95%, which means that you are always thinking about your salary from around the day. It seems that people who are in leader positions such as sales manager, marketing manager, project manager, etc. tend to negotiate salary in general.

In the graph by length of service, it is reasonable that the longer the worker is the higher the proportion of negotiations is.

By gender, women are 49%, men 53%, men are slightly higher.

Looking at each department, the percentage of men who are in the position of administrator is 18%, which is the smallest, and the percentage of women working in the production department is the highest rate of negotiation is 64%. In addition, women are more negotiating in the manager and the production department, and there are results that there are more men in the business development, engineering and human resource information management departments.

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