Speech recognition assistants such as Siri and Google Now can operate with commands that human can not recognize

ByJason Lander

Even if the smartphone is a little far away, even if there is noise in the surroundings, I understood that it is possible to send a command unrecognizable by humans and move the voice recognition assistant arbitrarily.

Hidden Voice Commands

You can see what it is, by looking at the demo image below.

Demo VoiceHack - YouTube

Place the smartphone 10.1 feet away from the speaker.

And when you ask the command of computerized human voice, you do not know what people are saying even if they hear, but the smartphone recognizes the command contents and executes it. Here, it is assumed that "XKCD.comOpen the command "is being executed.

In the second half we sent a command saying "set in airplane mode" with noises coming from the surroundings, but I also recognized this properly.

This was found by the research teams at Georgia Town University and the University of California Berkeley. There are two types of computer-processed sounds, "BLACK-BOX model" and "WHITE-BOX model".

An example of the BLACK - BOX model says this, "What is my current location".

1 - YouTube

The WHITE-BOX model says like this, "Take a Picture Now".

1 - YouTube

In the research teamChallenge / response authenticationWe also devised defensive measures using machine learning, which means that we are detecting attacks with an accuracy of 99.8%.

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