Application "LGTM Camera" which can create a short animated GIF by just shooting with a camera

Once in the labFrom an iPhone, you can make an animated GIF for about 2 seconds from the application "LGTM Camera"Has been released. Applications named "Good looks = Looks Good To Me" appeared to be able to share animated GIFs with SNS and messages after shooting. I decided to try using it at once.

LGTM Camera

I released the new service "LGTM Camera" to the laboratory! - Hatelabo Developer Blog

LGTM has released an application for iPhone.App StoreAccess from iPhone, tap "Get" to install.

When the installation is completed, tap the icon to launch the application.

Tap "START" on the application start screen ... ...

Tap "OK" to allow access to the camera

Then tap "OK" to allow access to "photo". The preparation for use is OK with this.

In the main screen of the application, the image is gathered in the upper half, and the control system is gathered in the lower half.

Simply press and hold the circle icon button in the center of the bottom of the screen and the shooting of the animated GIF will start. Progress bars color-coded in yellow, green, and blue are displayed around the button, and it is designed to extend clockwise according to the shooting time.

When you release your finger, the shooting stops at that point and conversion to an animated GIF is automatically done. After conversion is completed in a few seconds, you can share the animated GIF as soon as you tap "SHARE GIF" displayed on the screen.

In addition to Twitter and messages, you can choose various methods depending on the user's environment such as Facebook. When you share it on Twitter, the hash tag "#LGTM" is automatically added.

When you select Twitter, the tweet creation screen is displayed. Just tap "Post" to tweet with your Twitter account.

With hash tag "Twtter"# LGTM", You can see various animated GIFs of LGTM created by other users.

#LGTM - Twitter Search

Animated GIF actually posted is like this.

Even those who do not use SNS, it was also possible to send them directly to the other party with a message.

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