"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" New visuals and new information disclosure in Phase 2

"New Gundam series" product explanatory meeting was held on July 12, 2016, and the broadcast from the fall of 2016 has been announced"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" Second PhaseThe new information on the issue was announced.

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans

First of all, the key visual looks like this

Crescent moon / August has lost his right arm, but the impression has not changed much.

Meanwhile, Olga Ittsuka has become a suit.

Gundam Barbatos, which the crescent moon operates, is newly "Gundam · Barbatos Ruptus".

Broadcasting starts on October 2, 2016 at 17 o'clock in MBS / TBS line nationwide 28 stations.

· 2016/07/12 20: 45
This is the 2nd period PV released on Bandai Channel.

"Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" | Bandai Channel

As in the first phase, the second stage will be produced under Director Nagai Ryusuke.

The main target of "Iron-Blooded Orphans" is a 20-something user, and a teenage gunpla user first.

In order to enhance the viewing environment, free delivery in the first period has been done at LINE LIVE from July.

Product specifications are "product value UP as it is the satisfaction level of Phase 1".

"HG Gundam Barbatos Ruptus" (1080 yen including tax) will be released on October 1st of the day before the start of broadcasting.

Gundam Barbatos Rups who held the sword in the exhibition hall.

In addition, mobile suits appearing in the second term are being lineuped one by one. It was announced that "HG Gundam Type A (Tentative)" scheduled to be released in October, 1296 yen including tax), "HG hostile force MS A (temporary)" (scheduled to be released in October, 1296 yen including tax), "HG Gallhorn mass- Type MS A (temporary) "(planned for release in October · 1296 yen including tax) etc.

Gundam type A (temporary)

Gundam type B (temporary)

Gundam type C (temporary)

Hostile force MS (temporary)

Gallarhorn mass production type MS A (temporary)

It is also possible to play with various customs.

Gundam Barbatos Ruptus with 200 m gun (temporary) arm part.

From October 2016 to March 2017, 16 HG series will be deployed.

In addition, various deployments other than Gundam are scheduled.

Figure Rise Bust "Crescents / Augustus" (scheduled for release in August · 1296 yen including tax)

"Gashapon Senshi Barbatos Ruptus" will be released in January 2017, 300 yen including tax.

Crystal object for amusement prizes

Mega House's Variable Action Mobile Worker TAKAREN Group Specification (Scheduled to be released in January 2017 · Excellent tax included 9800 yen

The figure of Olga on top

And the one driving is biscuit

This is also for amusement prize, DXF figure crescent moon · Augustus

It is also a figure, but here is G. E. M Olga Ikka of mega house (to be released in January 2017 · price unknown)

Megahouse G.E.M Crescent Moon · Augustus (to be released in January 2017 · Price undecided) is under supervision.

Mega House GGG-DX Kuderia · Ainu · Bernstein will be on sale this winter · Price is yet to be determined and it is being supervised now.

The lineup of goods for women is enriched.

Megahouse's Cha-cha series "Tea friends Iron-Blood Orphans" (scheduled for release this winter · 756 yen including tax)

"Sanfumi no Oufufacchu" (Scheduled to be released in January 2017 · 799 yen including tax)

"Rubber Mascot Buddy Core Iron-Blood Ties" (released in July 2016 · 648 yen including tax)

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