Negative aspect lurking under the development dictatorship by the Communist Party government who seemed to travel in China

The toilet was too dirty and hesitant to hesitate to have a bowel move. The "Manner problem raised in Japan" which is "littering of garbage" and "urination of children" is the same in China. I think that it is a negative aspect of development dictatorship that speed of economic development and improvement of people's manners are not suspended.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. As a backpackerI visited MongoliaI stayed in China before and after.

In the past I traveled around China for 31 days from 7th April to 8th May 2008 and 117 days from 28th May to 22nd September 2009 for a total of 5 months.

For the first time in about 7 years in 2016 I visited Tianjin, Beijing, Ellenhot, from April 28th to May 8th, May 18th to May 20th and 12th. There was also a sight that tilted my head like "It was such a country", so I tried writing many different things this time.

◆ Delegation of the President of the State
Portrait of Xi Jinping aligned with Mao Zedong. Liberal people in Japan ridiculed domestic right-turning as "to hear the sound of military shoes", but in China it seemed that the "president of the state was" Kim Jong-il ". China is becoming unstable to such an extent that it can lead to war.

Whether China is a dictatorship country and justice is in the Communist Party, individual worship should have been avoided. However, Mao Zedong who led the nation to independence is an exception. His portrait is drawn on both Chinese and Tiananmen Square. The disappearance of the Cultural Revolution was a position to be worshiped as a hero.

Along with its Mao Zedong I saw the portrait of Xi Jinping Mr. has been drawn is the current Jintao in China. The books his face that "Xi Jinping said the national administration" has been drawn on the cover was stacked flat in the bookstore. Recent news in the street Xi Jinping's cult of personality you have read, deified had progressed.

Wait for Xi Jinping took over the Mao Zedong of the secret of mastership "future" | 辣椒 (Rajao, Royal inscription) | column and blog | Newsweek Japan version of the official site

Xi Jinping chief, quietly advance cult of personality - scrupulously elaborated was frugal past - WSJ

China, Xi Jinping power strengthening to start is referred to as a "core" Mr., aura or Jiang Zemin and his similar call you a cult of personality - Sankei News

Marriage is a person like a Xi Jinping! Increasing Personal Worship: Nikkei Business Online

◆ Bad security countries
Even if you are in downtown area or taking a subway, people who walk with their bags in front of the pickpocket measures were conspicuous. Also, although there are not many, a taxi with a partition in the driver 's seat and the rear seat is also running. It was a safer image for China, but this time I got another impression.

During my stay "Why! Reason why "Iron Bunko" is not installed in Japanese condominiums or houses' housesI have read the news that. That way the Chinese apartment was in a form frightened by the crime.

Apartment where window is covered with wire mesh, iron grid.

It has become a strict security.

Iron grating also for outdoor unit of air conditioner.

I advised police postings to exchange for keys that were difficult to pick up.

I bought a box of toothpaste in the box at the supermarket. When checking out at the cash register, the box was opened and the contents were confirmed. There will be someone to put something in the box. I bought a toothpaste even on this trip. The box was sealed with vinyl tape. It seemed to be purposely purposely purposing.

◆ The gap between rich and poor
It is the difference between domestic rich and poor that is the cause of such bad security.Chinese family registerIs divided into cities and rural areas, and overwhelming disparities exist between them. Until recently I did not know this fact, but when I look back on my past trip I had many occasions to realize the disparity. There was a clear difference in the development of cities and rural areas.

I was concerned about the disparity in China even on this journey.

In Tianjin some people enjoyed shopping with care but also some people opened street vendors on the street with clothes that were unavoidable in daily life. The quality of life was clearly different.

When I was absent at McDonald's in Tianjin station underground, a worn-out male came in. I was collecting unused paper napkins on the desk, but when I sat down in the seats I was leaving to eat my food left behind.

◆ Terrorisk
China undoubtedly became a country where terrorism occurs even in normal times. In 2009Uighur mayhemSince then, terrorist acts by Uyghur Independence forces have occurred throughout China. Indiscriminate killing incidents have occurred at the train station in Kunming, including a case where a car hit a Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and there was a bomb terrorism not only in Japan but also in Bangkok, Thailand.

Recently, when I woke up the incident
· June 2012: Tianjin Airlines 7554 flight hijacked attempt
· October 2013: Beijing's Tiananmen Square car rush incident
· March 2014: indiscriminate killing case at Kunming station
· April 2014: Urumqi station explosion incident
· May 2014: Urumqi's morning market raid
· March 2015: a strangle case at Guangzhou station
· August 2015: Bangkok bombing terror attack

I tried again and there was hijack attempted attempted. In these casesChinese version of WikipediaIt is summarized in detail. I can not access from China, but ....

In response to these terrorist acts, railroad stations and busy streets were set up with fences to prevent vehicle intrusions.

Beijing station where police vehicles are on standby.

There was such a fence that hindered the invasion of suspicious individuals in front of large-scale commercial facilities such as shopping malls.

We also make similar fences in the local commercial district.

Also in the Tianjin and Beijing subway inspection of the baggage was essential and it looked like a sexy check at the airport. I put the bag on the belt conveyor and let us go through the X - ray examination. Meanwhile, I went through the gate type metal detector and could check the suspicious thing like the scepter which Prince Shotoku has handed from the security guards over the whole body. There was also a device like a pot that exploded the suspicious thing "explosion-proof ball".

Although I wrote as acts of terror, I do not think that the occupation policy for the Chinese government Tibet, Uyghur is justice. People in China will attack Japanese mistakes easily. Even so, they are now in a position to force other ethnic groups to do the same thing.

◆ Propaganda
The Chinese government is aggressive in propaganda to show attitudes towards issues such as rich and rich and ethnic conflicts. When walking in the city, characters such as "freedom" "equality" "justice" will jump in. Even though such a government can not say what I want to say, only plenty of cheeks are lined up, it was stuffy and it was useless. If it is said in Japan, is it a society full of posters of "100 million active society"? The slogan of the democratic state and propaganda of the dictatorship state are different.

"Open" "Comprehension" "Sincerity" "Consecration"

In terms of "Chinese competence (China power)", words such as "wealthy democracy", "civilization", "free equality" "fair law" "patriotism" "good faith goodness" are lined up.

When I looked up to the paper of the Chinese competence, there was a graffiti called "Suddenly Rika, Imperishable Tenguado, Ten Hakodendo Hell (I thought, there was no heaven, I was in the 18th layer hell)." People also have deep darkness.

◆ Net regulation
Because you need to subtract the quiet molecules, you can not use the Internet freely in China. Access to Facebook and Twitter is blocked.

In the previous trip there was neither Facebook nor Twitter account, so I was able to display my blog so I did not care about net regulation too much. Yet, in the Uighur autonomous region, I was encountered with the whole Internet blockade. Despite the Uygur cancer, however, we were able to show serious speech control by one party dictatorships.

In this trip I could not use google anymore. I was able to access it in an old trip, but censorship from the authorities and disgusted by cyber attacks from ChinaGoogle decides to withdraw. In the middle of the old journey, "Google was criticized from the national broadcasting and it was not a bad thing that a lot of nasty images appeared in search results".

Because there was time to the night bus, I stopped by an internet cafe. I can not use Google, so I do not have chrome (Chrome). On that computer Internet Explorer was active.

I wanted to access both Twitter and Facebook in this tripVPN serviceI used. By changing the source to foreign (Japan), you can connect to Twitter and Facebook even from within China.

With this kind of feeling I was playing on Twitter on the site. I will regulate but will I be checked if it is Chinese?

◆ Prioritize economic development
Although the Chinese government continues development dictatorship ignoring freedom and human rights like this, do not miss that there is a reasonable result

Handbag repeatedly repaired to a stick bag with a hole. Ladies who burned on the day they realized that they came out of the country. The brand-new train that they also ran smoothly over the rails and quickly reached 100 km / h. Even those who can never be affluent nevertheless had something to do with the benefits of development.

In the capital city of Beijing the subway lines are stretched like the eyes of the net.

When I first traveled, Xi'an subway was under construction. It is now complete. And now, Urumqi in the Uighur Autonomous Region is also constructing a subway. I can not dismiss the speed of development of China.

◆ kind Chinese
In this way, if you complain about the complaints of China, it seems that you will turn away hostility to the people who live there, but it is not. People in China are surprisingly kind.

I was looking for a bus terminal. Because it is a place I got down, I can not find it though I have no idea. It is best to ask local people at such times. However, I was not confident of the word. But here you can communicate in kanji country, writing story. I dropped my luggage and wrote "long train station" in a memo pad and gave a good look, I felt his eyes met with a gentleman asking about this situation. The story was easy, and when I showed the memo pad to the old man, it was difficult to explain the Chinese as "Oh, bus terminal", but I pointed to the direction so I understood the position. It does not matter if you are a Japanese. It will be kind to those in need.

While I was staying, I went to the local public bath, but the people at the shop were dismayed and calmed down. I will cast a gaze of flickering and embarrassment on arrival of a mysterious alien. As the people of the shop asked, "Where are you from?" I was not able to withstand and explained "I am a Japanese, I'm traveling for a while" to explain the circumstances of the trip. Even the identity was able to grasp, and the people in the shop loosened their cheeks. After that there was no other love chat. The real pleasure of traveling is interaction with these local people.

I also go to karaoke together in my old trip.

In order for the Chinese Communist Party to maintain the government, Japan's enemy was necessary. People 's dissatisfaction must be directed outside. People in China are just dancing with the palm of the Communist Party government. When free speech is guaranteed, I am looking forward to what Chinese people speak.

◆ Cross culture
In Beijing, the customers had eaten warm noodle dishes when entering the dining room. As it rained and it was getting cold, I wanted the same thing and asked "What is that?" I want to eat the same dish, "he says a familiar phrase" Chinja Rose Mi ne ". It was that it was noodles (mien) of blue pepper potatoes (Chinja Loose). It is also popular in Japan with cooked meat (Hoikolao), stick fowl (bunbungee), mabo tofu (marbow woofer), braised noodles (jar jamen) and Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, Japanese culture is also entering China, and inviting cats are put in front of cashiers at stores.

There were Japanese comics as well.

A miscellaneous goods shop called "Meisou (name creation excellence)" which pushed Japanese quality to the front was also popular. I am wondering how you will behave in the next anti-day demonstration.

By crossing the cultures of both countries like this, I strongly realized that Japan and China are neighboring countries.

Whether you try to fight or not, China will continue to be a neighbor. That is why I have to know it. Even if you have any kind of emotions, you may not be able to see the message for a hundred pictures, and there are things that you can only understand locally.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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