A tool to make actions by visualizing "deadline of life" to a person who can not be seriously procrastinating things "your life"

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By taking advantage of the "psychology of postponement of what people should postpone" and assuming that people die at the age of 90, one week in one frame, one year in one line, A life calendar for motivating to visualize how much my life is left behind is "Your life"is.

Your life

Why do people postpone what they should do and get hurried right before the deadline? Tim Urban, a blogger, is giving a speech at TED. Urban's hypotheses can be confirmed from the following articles.

"Inside the mind of a master procrastinator" that approaches the psychology that puts out what to do until just before the deadline - GIGAZINE

Urban says work, homework, tasks, etc, that do not carry out the tasks to be done later will be postponed than the "people responsible for reason" to do things in a planned manner with the future in mind Because "monkeys" that prioritize current fun / comfort rather than the future will win in the head.

However, as soon as the schedule is just before the deadline or shameing in front of people, when people are scared of anything, a sudden "panic monster" awakens in my head. Monkeys and people surprised at the appearance of panic monsters.

Monkeys who are animals and do not have reason to flee panic monsters and flee away. At this time finally a person with reason can get back the handle of thought. Therefore, people can work firmly on what to do.

The problem is that panic monsters will appear with respect to things where concrete deadlines exist, such as homework and work, but there are no clear deadlines in vague things called "life", panic monsters get up quite easily There is nothing. Therefore, even if you think "I have to take action," some people will fall into self-disgusting that "I am a useless guy" can not be executed.

Therefore, what Urban suggests is a tool that visualizes the deadline of life called "life calendar". This was expressed brilliantly on the browser as "Your life"is.

Your life

Your life is a calendar that shows people the days from birth to death with a square eye, assuming that people will die at the age of 90.

With this kind of feeling, the squares are written. One square represents one week, one row represents one year.

By clicking on the square like this, the color changes to pink.

If you click on one frame at a time, you can see how much time left before becoming "90 years old", the deadline of your life.

I try to paint the squares of my age. However, if you drag horizontally, the square will not be painted ... That's the only way to fill in one by clicking one by one. "It is the same thing as life that I can not do shortcuts and jumping ..." while painting while thinking, it took three minutes to be five years old.

I repeated clicks and clicks, finally grows to 10 years old in 6 minutes. I still have plenty of time remaining in my life. As I repeat simple tasks at all, I can think about my life as "I was running around Noyama ..." at this time.

When I was about 16 years old, I tried thinking "If you process two rows in parallel and rhythmically in parallel, it might be a bit faster!"

I clicked on the already filled place and the color turned green again. It seems better to do it seriously.

It finishes painting until 29 years and 2 weeks over 15 minutes.

Looking at the whole, it looks like this.

If you keep licking without motivation and putting your life printed on hand, you will know that "Your life is a little left ..." and panic monsters will wake you up I do not.

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