Mentaiko and Akuta Butter coming out from the tube and not only accompanied by white rice, but also as a seasoning preeminent user-friendly "Tubu tube" Taste Review

Mentarako, accompanied by rice, also feels troublesome to dish out eggs from the skin when putting it on bread or rice. Fukuya's "Tube tube"Mentaako as it is and seasoned mentaiko are packed in a tube and it is possible to make only the amount of mentaiko as much as you want by just holding the tube. As a mentaiko I could not help putting out my hands once, so I actually tried to eat it.

Mint mentaiko [Maidenko] mail order 【Hakata Nakasu taste Mentaiko Fukuya】

So this is a Tubu tube. I bought 11 kinds in all.

The total length of the tube is about 15.5 cm, and when you put the cap down, you will be self-sustaining like this. The package is a design that placed a circle in the middle as though it imaged Mentaiko's grain, and the word "tubu tube" is also fashionable and pop atmosphere. Below are the plain "regular" and "mild"

Each tube was affixed with an expiration date seal, and the expiration dates for various kinds of tubes arrived at the same time were various.

Raw material names contain eggs of salt lettuce, salt, spices, etc. There are not any unusual materials in particular.

The following two are spicy "habanero" and "black pepper"

As I looked at the raw material name, the eggs of Lotus root are the same as the mild regular, but in addition to it, habanero powder, pepper, black pepper etc are lining up.

In addition, the following four types are "Yuzu", "Basil", "Oregano", "Sesame Oil Flavor" with "Seasoning Capsule"

Raw material names include Onion Bouillon, Edible Olive Oil, Edible Sesame Oil. However, the names of herbs themselves are not listed in the mentaiko of basil or oregano, and the fragrance is attached with fragrance.

In addition, it is three kinds of "Mentaiko + butter", "Mentaiko + Tororo", "Mentaiko + Japanese style", which mixed Mentaiko with another material.

Both of them differ from other tubes whose item name is "fresh spread", "mustard fish" and "roasted egg product", whose name is "spicy noodles". Looking at the raw material name, "Butaka + Butter" has butter and mayonnaise, "Mentaiko + Dororo" with yam, fish sauce and bonito extract, "Mentaiko + Japanese style", sake, konbu extract processed goods etc. It is lined up and it seems that these three types are most arranged among the tub tubes.

Tube tube holds a tube and lightly puts out force, so that mentaiko emerges from the tip of the tube. It is very easy to break the eggs of Mentaiko and loosen the eggs ... which is unnecessary.

So, I tried squeezing all 11 kinds of Tubu tubes. You can see that the color is slightly different depending on the type.

First of all, I tried eating regular, amazingly ordinary mentaiko. The egg's feeling of collision is not damaged at all, it is just a mentaiko just unraveling from the skin right now.

"Mild" is somewhat lighter in color. Although the bitterness is suppressed a bit less than regular, it is a bit spicy than turtle.

Mentaiko + butter is like this. Unlike 100% Mentaiko regulars and milds, it seems that Mentaiko is being kneaded in butter.

As for mentaiko + yam at the same feeling, since it is sticky, spoon it with cupping and stretch it.

Mentaiko + Japanese style sushi was confined in Mentaiko grains in things like jelly.

Below are basil and oregano containing "seasoning capsule". At first glance it looks like ordinary mentaiko ... ...

If you look closely, you can see that transparent capsules are contained in the eggs of the leek. This is a seasoning capsule that plus each flavor.

"Habanero" and "Black pepper" are somewhat less reddish than others. This was able to see small peppers and grains of black pepper.

So, I will eat it with white rice first.

Put the regular mentaiko on top of the cookie ... ...

The completion of Meita rice.

When eating, it tastes no different from usual mentaiko, and obediently meets Mentaiko's desire like me. It was easy to eat because there is no texture of the skin, so we enjoyed only the texture of petit petit of pure egg.

I will try to eat it with other Tubu tubes also. If you eat it with mentaiko + yam pot noodle tube ......

This is superb item. The compatibility of yam and mentaiko is very good, side dish is unnecessary, if you like fermented rice, it seems that you can continue to eat dinner just by this alone.

Also, when you try Mentaiko + butter ... ...

This is also pretty good. It was a good feeling that the flavor of thick butter and the flavor of a little spicy mentaikki matched and it slowly melts butter and becomes involved with rice.

Unexpectedly, I am surprised by the tuft tube that fits white rice, while trying the oregano.

The smell of herbs spreading fluffily in the mouth spreading oregano's tuft tube is delicious as a unit but it is too Italian taste, so when you eat it with white rice "feel something slightly different ... ..." feels discomfort It was.

So I decided to try basil · oregano · habanero trout tube together with cracker & cream cheese.

Cream cheese of mellow flavor and spicy mentaiko are compatible, and the fragrance of basil and oregano is very supple, just putting it on crackers, but it is a fashionable food.

In addition, Habanero's Tubu tube is spicy to shout without thinking "It's painful" when eating with a single item, so if you eat it with hot rice, it will be more painful and the inside of the mouth will be in trouble. However, when you eat with cream cheese and crackers plus mildiness, the irritating stimulation is also perfect for alcoholic drinking.

In addition, burn the baguette lightly ......

I will squeeze mentaiko + butter and try it.

The baguette is warm, so when the butter melts slowly ... ...

When eating with bamboo, you can taste the moment of bliss, with butter rich & salty and spicy mentaiko matched with flavor scent. Trying to make Akuta France in the house, you can relax Mentaiko and mix it with hard butter and ... but with Tubu tube you can make Akuta France in a moment so you can make Mentaiko Sanctuary even in the morning without time .

In addition, because Yuzu taste and mentaiko + Japanese style sushi seemed to be suitable for Japanese cuisine, we chose to sprinkle on tofu.

Yuzu flavor Tubu tube is a citrus fresh smell spreading in the mouth fluffily, while also enjoying the taste of mentaiko. The compatibility with tofu is also reasonable, and it turned out that it was possible to use Tubu tube as a seasoning.

As for Mentaiko + Japanese style sushi, the smell of sake is felt a little stronger, so the preference seems to divide. People who do not care about the smell of alcohol, rather they may eat tofu with tofu, but maybe they are suitable for cooking with added heat? It was finished like I thought.

In addition, I will try to create carpaccio using basil and oregano's tuft tube and sashimi.

The way to make it is very easy, just put the tube tube on the sashimi you bought. Since it is possible to arrange mentaiko with a pinpoint as much as you want, it is convenient for decorating.

Completed by lightly hanging olive oil.

When I tried it, this is delicious. The compatibility of olive oil and basil · oregano is good, the flavor of Italian is full, the compatibility of sashimi and marinated cod roe is of course the best, so "It is rather rather why this way of eating is not major ......" to finish.

Even if you use Tubu tube as a perfect seasoning, it is OK, so chicken meat meat with mentaiko + roats, mentaiko + Japanese style soup tubes ... ...

Bake in a frying pan.

Although I tried plenty of tubed tubes, I thought that the original taste was not so strong, and the mentaiko peeled off while I was burning, and it was quite easy to finish. Mentaiko + Japanese style prawns are slightly fragrant, but the taste of Mentaiko matches meat, but if it is meat with strong taste like beef, the tuff tube taste seems to disappear, so chicken meat meat and white meat It seems to be compatible with fancy materials such as fish.

Also, if you add a sesame oil-flavored tuft tube to vegetables such as komatsuna, bean sprouts, carrots that you chined at the range, you can easily complete what Akuta namuru is. It seems good to add garlic as you like, but it is a mentaiko of a slightly sesame oil flavor to the end so it seems that the taste of the tufted tube will be lost if adding too much garlic.

As a tightening, I will make pasta with Tubu tube. Prepare pasta just boiled ... ...

I will squeeze the mentaiko + butter's tuft tube over the noodles.

Butter melts and melts on warm pasta, and appetite is aroused by a fragrant smell.

When making mentaiko pasta, oil and mentaiko may not be tangled smoothly and tastelessly, but in the case of tufted tubes, since mentaiko and butter were originally integrated uniformly, entangled noodles and mentaiko evenly It is possible to do.

In addition, if you want hotness, add habanero if you want to make Japanese pasta, Yuzu flavor for people who want to taste Italian, if you tube tube of basil tsubu tube, you can instantly make your favorite mentaiko pasta very instantly is.

That is why I summarized the impressions using 11 types of Tubu tubes as follows.

regular: Made of standard mentaiko in a tubular form. There is no need to loosen Mentaiko and it is always possible to eat crispy and refreshing in the refrigerator is also a point.
mild: Something that reduced spiciness slightly from regular. It is not as mild as a cod roe but easy to eat as it is not as spicy as common spicy mentaiako.
habañero pepper: Spicyness shouting "Spicy !!!" when eating without prior knowledge. However, in an atmosphere that seems to be a habit if you like spicy things, there is also an editorial staff who says, "It may be Ali to lick Habazero's Tubu tube as a liquor's knob ...".
Black Pepper: It is not spicy than habanero, but a little hotter tube than regular. It is not only painful, but also the smell of black pepper is felt firmly.
Yuzu: Atmosphere that it is possible to use it as well as to match white rice, as an accent of Japanese food. The smell of Yuzu is felt firmly.
Sesame oil: Tubu tube which felt the scent of sesame itself rather than sesame oil. As well as Yuzu, it seems that it can be used not only for white rice but also for Japanese food.
Basil · oregano: It fits cracker · pasta etc. more than white rice. Recommended for those who like Italian food because you can make the ingredients in an instantly Italian atmosphere and enjoy the magical experience of enjoying the taste of Mentaiko
Mentaiko + butter: Excellent compatibility with various carbohydrates such as white rice, bread and pasta. There is one loss in the family and there is no loss.
Mentaiko + Lobby: The compatibility with white rice is the strongest anyway. Anyone who likes Tororo rice, try it once.
Mentaiko + Japanese style: Tub tube which felt it was the most difficult to use. Because the taste is softer than Mentaiko itself, it is a bit weak as an accompaniment to rice, so it seems that you need to use it as a dish as a dish. Because the scent of sake and soup spreads steadily in the mouth, people who like them may try.

It really feels strange when Mentaiko comes out from the inside of the tube, but the taste is Mentaiko without any doubt, it becomes unnecessary to loosen the egg by becoming a tube shape, it is convenient for decorating , Tubu tube which is very excellent in the point that storage in a refrigerator also improves. Because there are various variations in flavor, it is convenient to be able to use Mentaiko as a seasoning besides exploring the possibility of mentaiko never before.

The price is regular, mild, habanero, black pepper, sesame oil, basil, oregano, yuzu including 864 yen, Mentaiko + Tororado · Mentaiko + Japanese style · Akuta + butter is 540 yen including tax.

Hakata Nakasuji taste Mentaiko Fukuya: tubu tube

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