Nissan and the general user succeeded in confirming the actual vehicle, contracting, delivering the car from Tweet just choosing the car

Automakers · Nissan's Spanish subsidiary announced that it has completed sales of all of the cars on Twitter. Normally it is a tendency to go through a contract with a dealer of a car several times to sign a contract, but it seems that it is becoming the era when cars can finally be bought online only at the net.

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Twitter user's@ EscolanoRaul Escolano uses a hashtag "#compraruncocheportwitter" (meaning "Buy a car on Twitter" in English)) to "sell" the challenge of completing the sale of the car just by SNS exchange with cars in Spain I was casting to the dealer. It was the city of northwestern Spain that I completed the contract of SUV "X-TRAIL" without having to face face with the person himself actually taking the challenge of EscolanoA CoruñaOperate a Nissan dealer at "Antamotor"is.

When choosing a car, there are many points to be checked, such as checking the design in practice, entering the interior and finely checking the texture and ease of use of the interior etc. However, as we set the goal of completing everything on SNS, we can not go to the dealer. So, Antamotor"Periscope" that anyone can deliver live to the world or view live delivery only with smartphonesBy using, you have succeeded in making it possible to check the place you want to see in detail.

Escolano also asked his followers on Twitter to vote which car to buy. Then, 43% of users voted for "X-TRAIL", and Escorano seems to have decided on a contract.

Upon completion of the contract, if it is normal, it will be the flow that the car delivery is completed after receiving the key from the dealer, but Antamotor and Escolano will go through the initial goal of "Completing all online" Especially. As we can not really match our face, Antamotor delivered the key of the car to Ms. Escolano using Courier flight. And Escolano visited the headquarters of Spain Nissan with the key, and it arrived for the first time delivery of the actual car there.

In this attempt, almost all the stages from confirmation of car interior to exterior and interior, confirmation of contract contents to delivery of cars are said to be "doing" on the net, but actually you will pay big money To buy a car only with the net is not to deny the part that feels awkward but becomes a little worried. For that reason, it is still unknown at what level future automobile online sales will be generalized, but it seems to be an interesting event in that it can be a new form of car selection and purchase in the age of the Internet.

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