Movie of "Automatic driving bicycle" in which a bicycle runs on the road all by itself and carries out fully automatic parking

Automatic driving cars are emerging as a new way of transportation in the future, but "Automatic driving cars are better than automated driving cars, and there are transportation methods that are also environmentally friendly," so that they do not need a driver and run automatically To "Automatic driving bicycle"Concept movie has been released.

This is it with Pat with Kelly and Peter Oldring | CBC Radio

About the automatic driving bicycle, you can see in detail the following movie.

First is was the Driverless Car, Now there is a Riderless Bike | This is That | CBC - YouTube

At the beginning of the movie, the bicycle running on the road will be displayed. However, if you look closely it is not that human beings are stepping on pedals ... ...

Even no one is sitting in the saddle.

Bill Lindsay, CEO of RDRLESS, who developed an automatic driving bicycle, said, "Automatic driving bicycles avoid human errors that can cause bicycle accidents because they do not require a human driver during driving," he says.

A state of automatic driving bicycle development. We measure the dimensions of the bicycle tire finely.

At RDRLESS, developed a technology that bicycles run independently by getting inspired from an automatic driving car.

It took 10 years for technology development

It seems that an unmanned bicycle is running around even in the office of RDRLESS.

Automatic Driving Some users of bicycles say "I think that you should ride a bicycle for health, but I want to go to work place by car".

In such a case, open the application, set the destination of the bicycle ... ....

We decide the route and specify arrival time.

Then the bicycle started running automatically.

By using the self-driving bicycle like this, it is possible to use a horrible way of saying "I run the bicycle to the workplace automatically and I go to work by car".

With the smartphone application, it is possible to track where the bicycle is running on the map.

Automatic driving It seems that big problem of bicycle was how to park. A bicycle rushing into the parking space.

Because the speed was too fast, it collided with the parking space and fell down.

By adjusting it over time, I heard that he managed to solve the problem of parking.

Automatic operation of RDRLESS Although the bicycle is designed for running in the city, it is said that the experiment is underway so that it can run without problems even off-road.

During the experiment, the scene where the bicycle stumbles on rough roads and gets overwhelmed gently.

RDRLESS is aiming for "a future where nobody needs to ride a bicycle".

That's why RDRLESS's automatic driving bicycle is a Canadian radio programThis is thatIt was a comedy movie produced by. In the past, Google has released April Fool's Neta to introduce an automatic driving bicycle in the Netherlands of a bicycle big country.

Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands - YouTube

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