Stick men tell us "Train safe way of riding" Movie is excellent and exceeded 170,000 plays

A stunning and humorous movie series that stick men living in the world of only two colors of yellow and black tells train manners by stretching their bodies is being disclosed by the Los Angeles subway in the USA.

Present or pulverized? Safety begins with you. - YouTube

The movie started with the narration "A certain sunny day of safe town (Safetyville) ...". People who are waiting for a train at the station's home walking around the smartphone with earphones are walking. The animation is drawn in two colors yellow and black, people are stick man's style.

This is John of the hero. I am walking while watching the posts of my friends' SNS while listening to music.

Before I realized, John passed the line "Please go down than the yellow line" ... ...

Moreover, I do not notice the arrival of the train because I am wearing earphones.

The train entered the home and collided with John 's left hand.

John is blown off ... ...

The body falls apart.

People who are waiting for the train will cross the death of John as if nothing had happened in safe towns.

The narration that "friends of John may take this picture" flows, and John eventually becomes a traffic sign. Safety town seems to be a world that becomes a world where people become signs when they die. This movie, which has a shocking ending, has been played over 170,000 times at the time of article creation.

Other movies that start with the narration "a sunny day with a safe town ..." are open to the public.

Heads-up or headless? Safety begins with you. - YouTube

A sunny day with a safe city, as the sun shone and the little birds singing, Jack was headed for work with coffee.

In such a case, a train came to the home in front of Jack.

"Oh my god, it seems the schedule seems going crazy due to coffee shops," he said.

Jack runs to get on the train.

I wonder if I managed to make it in the end ... ....? I thought that ... ...

The door closed in front of Jack 's eyes, Jack surging momentum collided with the train.

Jack 's head blows off with a light sound like a plug that has been removed from the bottle called "Ponchi".

"Jack seems to have spilled a lot," so Jack was the sign in the end.

Furthermore, even if you are in a car, residents of safe towns are caught in a train accident.

Careful or crushed? Safety begins with you. - YouTube

"A sunny day in a safe city ... ..." and now a railroad crossing appeared.

Mike was driving the car I just bought for the first time.

Crossing railroad crossing station goes down ...

Mike panicking.

The accelerator is fully opened.

I will head toward the railroad crossing at a tremendous speed.

Despite that the interrupter is already descending, the microphone forcibly breaks through the interrupter. Apparently I thought that my car was faster than a train.

However, the car is blown off by the train ......

Mike's drive daily has ended.

Besides this, surfing surfer editing ... ...

Patient or pancake? Safety begins with you. - YouTube

There are also skateboarder editing for skating home, etc. While all animations are as short as 30 seconds, they have recorded tens of thousands of accesses since it was published on June 22.

Dismount or dismembered? Safety begins with you. - YouTube

The movie has drawn black content to the last, humorously, and many of the reactions on YouTube and Twitter were favorable, "It is a wonderful campaign."

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