I've been eating "Cool Crispy Sand Mango & Vanilla with Pine" with a rich alfonso mango gelato between donuts at Crispy Cream · Donut

Crispy · cream · donuts sandwiches the gelato of Alphonse Mango officially approved by the Italian Gelato Association, rich vanilla ice cream, and frozen pineapple between the original glazed signage productCool Crispy Sand Mango & Vanilla with PineWe are starting offering from Wednesday, June 29, 2016. I went to a shop and ate to check the compatibility of rich gelato full of fruit and original glazed.

Very popular! New flavor appeared as early as KKDJ new classic dessert! Donuts desert cool cool crispy sand mango & vanilla with pine sandwiching real mango gelato and vanilla ice cream on sale from Wednesday 29 June 2016

Arrived at Crispy Cream · Donut.

When ordering, Cool Crispy Sand was handed in a state sandwiched between wrapping paper with logo on red on white background.

Try peeling off the wrapping paper and this looks like this.

About half the height of iPhone SE.

Because I am using the original glazed, the diameter is about a little smaller than iPhone SE.

Between the original glazed cut in half is a gelato using fruit juice and flesh of Alphonso mango ......

Frozen pineapple, vanilla ice is sandwiched.

I like to eat it with one hand like a hamburger.

First of all entering the mouth is a fluffy fabric of original glazed which was plentifully sugar coated. Afterwards the sweet and sourness of Alphonse Mango spreads as if you made fruits as it is gelato. Although the original glazed is very sweet, it can be refreshed entirely by the coldness and sourness of gelato. Frozen pineapple containing plenty adds sweet and sourness different from mango, together with crisp texture.

Since I got a spoon, I try to eat only with gelato, it makes meaty fruit daunting, a nice texture. There is only Mango gelato officially recognized by the Italian gelato association, it is quite rich and authentic taste.

Vanilla ice cream adds mellowness to the combination of milk flavor rich and refreshing mouthfeel gelato & frozen pineapple.

Since the original glazed is solely sweet, plus gelato and ice cream there will be a very sweetness? I thought, but thanks to the fruit sense, it was rather finished in a refreshing dish. Of course, it is outstandingly compatible with coffee etc. The combination of cold cool crisp sand and warm drink was perfect for a snack at 3 o'clock.

"Cool crispy sand mango & vanilla with pine" is scheduled to be available until mid-September, and the price is 420 yen including tax.

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