Clearly that salary was "beer" from salary details 5000 years ago

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Many people who have drunk think that "beer after work is good", but I think that the relationship between labor and beer has existed since about 5000 years ago "ancient salary Details "and clarified it.

The world's oldest paycheck was cashed in beer | New Scientist

5,000-year-old pay stub shows that ancient workers were paid in beer | Ars Technica

City of Ancient MesopotamiaUrukThe southern part of Iraq where there was, the stone board which was thought to have been used about 5000 years ago was excavated. It is written on the stone boardcuneiformAccording to Alison George, New Scientist, I do not know at all that there is no explanation as to where and where it expresses, but the figure "human beings are eating something from the bowl" is "food" , The cone type container means "beer", respectively, and it is a stone board which recorded "how much beer was distributed to the workers". In other words, this stone board is an "ancient salary statement", indicating that there was a relationship between employers and workers about 5000 years ago, and the workers "worked as a cup It was understood that it had received ".

Trustees of the British Museum

According to Ars Technica, not only the Mesopotamian civilization had such a culture of "beer wages"Ancient EgyptTo the workers who had constructed pyramids of the era,Four to five liters of beer per day were behavedIt is said that there is a record of saying.Medieval EuropeThe same thing seems to have been done also in the year 2009, as a literary researcherHarold BloomIs a medieval European poetJeffrey ChaucerThe book "Canterbury Tales"Chaucer's knitting history summarized when translating the modern language, while Chaucer had debts in 1398, Richard II of England rose about 252 gallons per year (about 954 liters per year) of Chaucer ) I sent a letter to the effect that we are offering wine.

It seems that life is not going to stay when beer is the only price for labor, but at that time the beer was rich in nutrition because it was made by brewing starch, which means that beer alone could be considered as a meal is. In modern times, the system of "beer wages" remains, and in 2013 in AmsterdamProgram of paying alcohol as a consideration for picking up garbage for alcohol addiction patientsIt is said that it was done. There are many technology companies that provide free alcohol every Friday afternoon, etc. It can be seen that "one cup after work" is a custom that continues from ancient times.

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