The right source of "Star Trek" suddenly established the "10 guidelines of secondary creation"

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Using the characters of the existing work and the view of the world, contents created secondarily by people other than creators of existing works, such as fans,Secondary creation"There are things like doujinshi and secondary creation images. Although the "Star Trek" series has long emphasized the exchange with fans and has tolerated about the secondary creation work made by the fans, suddenly, "10 pieces of secondary creation Rule "was enacted.

Star Trek Fan Films

The "10 guidelines of secondary creation" published by CBS of the broadcasting station with Star Trek's rights and Paramount Pictures of the movie company is as follows.

◆ 01: secondary creation work is less than 15 minutes in length, or up to 2 episodes · total of 30 minutes or less, consisting of the story that the producer independently thought

◆ 02: Do not use "Star Trek" as the title of the secondary creation work. However, it is permitted to use "A STAR TREK FAN PRODUCTION" as a subtitle. Also, it is prohibited to include the word "official" in titles and subtitles

◆ 03: Contents of the secondary creation work are original, and story reproduction and rework of official work are prohibited

◆ 04: When using Star Trek's goods in the work, only official goods are allowed and no use of any copies is permitted

◆ 05: The secondary creation work should be a work made by a real fan, and the creator and cast of the work must be amateur. Persons who appeared and related to Star Trek's past works are prohibited from participating in secondary creation

◆ 06: Secondary creation must be for non-profit purpose
· CBS and Paramount Pictures do not limit collection of production funds unless the secondary creation work that adheres to the guidelines exceeds $ 50,000 (about 5.1 million yen). It is necessary to stop recruitment of investment when the investment amount reaches 50,000 dollars
· Secondary creation works are basically only available for free offering, or provision by streaming service which does not produce profit is permitted
· DVD and Blu-ray provision of secondary creation works banned
· Secondary creation work should not be used to earn advertisement revenue. For example, pre-play / post-play advertisements and banner advertisements related to secondary creation works are included in advertisement income, but are not limited thereto
· Secondary creation work should not earn profit by selling or using permission, props or costumes used in the work

◆ 07: Secondary creation works are contents that can be seen in families, and it should be content not contrary to general morals. Use of an unfaithful language - obscenity - pornography - narcotics - alcohol - tobacco etc. Including content that harms health or violates the law is prohibited. Also, it is not possible to include inappropriate acts such as violent depiction, fraud, defamation, slander slandering, blatant sexual depiction, intimidation, hate acts. Secondary creation works should not infringe individual's privacy and rights

◆ 08: The secondary sentence creates a stipulated text appropriately indicating that it is a secondary creation in credit. In addition, it is necessary to express written sentences in any advertisement materials

◆ 09: Creators of secondary creation works should not register elements of works or works under copyright and trademark law

◆ 10: Secondary creation works do not imply the relationship with CBS and Paramount Pictures or acceptance by the company

The "Star Trek" series, which began broadcasting in 1966, places great importance on communication with fans and has never had problems with creators regarding secondary creative video works, but entertainment systems Handle newsThe Mary SueAccording to Axanar Productions, a production company called Axanar Productions has greatly influenced the fact that the guideline for secondary creation was established this time.

Axanar Productions is a cloud funding siteProcure funds with KickstarterWe made a short movie "Prelude to Axanar" which is a secondary creation item of Star Trek.

Prelude to Axanar is published on YouTube and you can watch it from the following movie.

Prelude to Axanar (Official) - YouTube

Prelude to Axanar was quite high in quality compared to other secondary creation works and also received popularity from Star Trek fans, so Axanar Productions launched the production project of the feature film "Star Trek: Axanar"KickstarterWhenIndiegogoWe solicited investment and succeeded in financing about $ 1.2 million (about 120 million yen) in total. It is CBS and Paramount Pictures which have Star Trek 's right to not do this well.

CBS and Paramount Pictures are unauthorized works of secondary creation by Axanar Productions and use unauthorized use of many elements that should be protected by copyright such as Star Trek setting, people, tribe etc. Claiming damages for Axanar Productions and seeking discontinuance of publication / productionLawsuitWednesday 30th December 2015.

Plaintiffs 'CBS and Paramount Pictures' defense team gathered elements of Star Trek infringing Axanar Productions such as the Balkan's pointed ears and the Klingon language of the Klingonese speaking languageDocumentAnd Axanar Productions pointed out that CBS and Paramount Pictures' claimed Star Trek elements are not subject to copyright protectionClaiming dismissalThe conflict, such as going on, was on the verge of a muddy.

However, at the Star Trek event held on May 20th, JJ Abrams, who takes charge of the production of the movie "Star Trek Beyond" released in the US in July 2016, It was not a response but the conclusion that the secondary creation work should not be conflicted with Star Trek reached the conclusion that Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin has requested withdrawal of the case against CBS and Paramount Pictures We revealed.

Where J. J. Abrams speaks about litigation can be confirmed from the following movie.

JJ Abrams Says AXANAR Lawsuit Is "Going Away" - YouTube

The dispute between Axanar Productions and CBS, Paramount Pictures is progressing toward reconciliation, but it is mostly expected that Star Trek 's secondary creation guidelines were enacted on this case. Although the trailer of the feature film Star Trek: Axanar has been released, there is a possibility of mentioning guidelines such as "a secondary creation work is less than 15 minutes, or a maximum of 2 stories in total less than 30 minutes" just as a long film Yes, it is currently unknown whether to actually publish an article or not.

AXANAR Teaser Trailer "Honor Through Victory" - YouTube

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