"What3Words" expressing all addresses with only three word combinations will be introduced in Mongolia

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In Japan, it is common practice to write an address in the order of "prefecture → city district → town / village → capital letter / small letter → street address" and so on, and the order is reversed in other countries, Although the street name is used, basically the notation method which narrows down from a big area to a fine place is adopted. Meanwhile, in Mongolia "Constants.stuffy.activism"Just by combining three words, a mechanism to identify all domestic places is to be introduced.

Mongolia is changing all its addresses to What 3 Words' three-word phrases - Quartz

It is Mongol Post, a public corporation dealing with mail in Mongolia that incorporates this mechanism. The country of Mongolia is a country with a land area of ​​1,561,400 square kilometers, which is about four times the size of Japan, but the population as of 2015 is about 3,060,000, which is one-forty-one of Japan's. In terms of population density, it is about 172 times smaller than that of Japan, and about a quarter of the people are nomads who live while moving (Nomad), so it is very easy to cover everything with the traditional address display method There was a difficult situation.

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What will be used in such Mongolia is the "What3wordsThe display system. What3words is a mechanism that divides the surface of the earth into 57 trillion grids of roughly 3 x 3 meters square based on GPS coordinates and assigns unique "3 word address" consisting of three English words to each grid I will.

For example, if the "White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC, 20500" which is the location of the American White House is represented by what3words display system,Sulk.held.ravesIn addition, the location of the central mouth of Marunouchi where it can be said to be the face of Tokyo station is "Founding.brain.jeep"It is possible to represent with three words.

An excellent point of what3words is that all the maps are displayed in a grid of 9 square meters as described below, so it seems to be said that you can specify a more detailed location than the normal address display. Therefore, even at the same Tokyo station before Yaesu central gate before the ticket "Airbag.staring.torched", Shinkansen ticket gate of Yaesu central mouth located several tens of meters away therefrom is called"Openings.riper.surface"It is possible to specify it in very fine detail.

According to Chris Sheldrick, CEO of what3words, Mongol Post will start using this system in July 2016. Mongol Post will pay a license fee for system usage to what3words. When a mail item with 3 word address actually arrives at Mongol Post, the system converts the address to GPS coordinates and actual delivery is done. Also, if users in Mongolia are on what3words website,IOS versionOrAndroid versionBy using the application, you can also refer to the actual Mongolian address.

In addition, what3words system already has been entrusted by the United Nations Training Research Institute (UNITAR) and the Observation Satellite Application Program (UNOSAT) and developed by Norwegian company AnsuR "Smartphone application"UN-ASIGN",British postal company, "Navigation application"NavmiiIt is also used in such as.

What3words allows anyone to freely acquire 3-word addresses by simply accessing the website.

What3words | Addressing the world

Just by placing the destination at the center of the displayed map, 3 word address is displayed at the bottom of the map.

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