Yonezawa pig 100% healthy and juicy hamburger "Bonggoohamburg" I tried it

Speaking of hamburgers in general, beef such as beef 70% · pork 30% often uses more meaty meat, but Shibuya's "Bonggu Hamburg"Was selected carefullyYonezawa sword first bredIt is said that you can eat hamburger with 100% pork that used. I tried eating what a hurricaneous and juicy hamburger made with just pork.

BON GOUT HAMBURG | Bonggoo Hamburg

There is "Bonggoohamburg" in the building in the northeast corner of the Miyasugasaka intersection in front of Shibuya station.

I found a signboard.

The building entrance looks something like this.

I go down the stairs soon after entering. If you look closely, the stairs will have footprints of pigs.

The entrance of the store on the basement floor is a calm atmosphere.

In addition, it is said that 10% off is the day when the jacket is on.

This is what it's like inside the store. I entered right after opening at 11 o'clock, but after a while most of the seats were filled with customers. Especially, I saw many women coming to eat alone.

Table seat

A fork, a knife, a wrapper with a small spoon, a paper napkin, and a hand.

A sheet of paper with a menu. It is lunch time from 11 o'clock to 15 o'clock.

Soup, rice or bread is attached to hamburger at lunchtime. As a result of hesitation as "Prone Hamburg" in the state of the element, I chose "Bongu Hamburg" (1280 yen).

In addition, drinks, salads and desserts can be added as a set to the lunch menu.

Incidentally, on the back of the sheet of paper was written a phantom about "premium pork". It is perfect for killing time.

Orange juice ordered in sets. Set is +200 yen.

The soup attached to lunch is Minestrone.

Carrots, cabbages, radishes that were cut to a large extent were very soft.

Pickles are also served for lunch.

Japanese radish. A firm acidity.

Cucumbers do not smell like common pickles. The sourness is intense, but it is a very soft aftertaste.

Carrots are firm and you can enjoy a texture made with polypoly.

About ten minutes passed, the hamburger arrived.

It is a 100% pork hamburger made just by "Yonezawa pork first bred".

It does not look like hamburger of common beef and pork's meat meat. However, Bongguo Hamburg is 270 grams and volume large.

Next to hamburgers well baked cabbage, paprika.

And half-egg eggs can be changed to hot spring eggs or poached eggs.

Rice is Hamakuki from Yamagata Prefecture, lunch time is a substitute free. Of course, you can choose bread.

There are plenty of mashed potatoes under the watercress.

Juicy broth with putting a knife ......

Lot of cheese overflowed.

I put a demiglas sauce on top of it.

When you put it in the mouth full of cheese, it is soft and juicy more than you imagined. It is very smooth because it is 100% pork, but with the softness and gravy that is beyond imagination, the chopstick fork advances.

Cheese and overflowing meat juice

When we stop demiglas sauce ... ....

The fork does not stop.

Nuts were contained in the hamburger steak of pork. It is an accent of texture with a combination of soft hamburger and occasional crunchy nuts.

When a knife is put in a semi-mature egg, yellowness gathers.

If you get involved with hamburger, there is no compatibility.

For cheese lovers, Bonggu Hamburger is recommended without complaint. The demiglace sauce was slightly bitter adult flavor.

Yonezawa pig 100% hamburger was simple. Is it more juicy and soft than I imagined, and there are many people surprisingly that this person likes it rather than cattle / pork sawing? Impression that. Next time was hamburger which made me think to eat "plain hamburg" of raw so as to enjoy the taste of Yonezawa pig more than.

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