SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C USB type memory compatible with Type-C that can transfer at maximum 150 MB / s

MacBookNot only notebooks,ZenFone 3Even smartphones such as "Type-CUSB port "has been adopted more and more. Memory giant SanDisk can switch between full size USB (Type - A) and Type - C USB memory "Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C"Has been released.

SanDisk Mobile Storage Portfolio Expanded With Faster, Higher Capacity USB Type-C Flash Drive | Business Wire

Ultra Dual Drive By looking at the official movie of USB Type-C, its usage is obvious.

SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive USB Type-C ™ - YouTube

If you have a Type - C USB port on your terminal ... ...

This is the way to move recorded data to the outside. It is Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C.

Sliding the side knob, Type - C USB terminal appeared.

When Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C was inserted to a smartphone by inserting it, data on the smartphone could be moved. Because it is Type-C, it can be connected without worrying about the front and back.

Not only for smartphones but also for tablets.

Data such as images and movies that are pressing the storage of the terminal can be saved in Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C. Of course, if you need the data, you can also access the Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C and access the data again to the terminal.

The Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C can also be switched to a general Type A USB terminal.

It can also be used on laptops that do not have a Type-C USB port.

The standard to be connected is USB 3.1. High-speed data transfer at 150 MB / s maximum is possible.

The maximum capacity is 128 GB.

Type - C, Type - A USB terminals can also be stored in the body.

Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C is an Android application "Memory Zone"And can easily transfer the data of Android terminal. SanDisk expects Type - C 's USB port to be adopted as 44% of the mobile phones sold worldwide by 2020, expecting it will be eight times the current market size.

Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C is already on sale at modelIt is $ 14.99 (about 1600 yen),32GB modelIt is $ 19.99 (about 2100 yen),64GB modelIt is $ 32.99 (about 3400 yen),128GB modelIs about 55.99 dollars (about 5800 yen).

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