New generation condom "LELO HEX" which makes sexual pleasure rise and hard to come off and hard to pierce

Hexagon shaped like a honeycomb was made continuousHoneycomb structureThe next generation condoms that succeeded in raising sexual pleasure by not only realizing the unprecedented breakability nor ever before fitting to genitals are "LELO HEX"is.

LELO HEX - The Worlds First Re-Engineered Condom | Indiegogo

A movie in which condom "LELO HEX" is introduced in near future futuristic like SF movie is from the following.

LELO HEX: A Closer Look on Vimeo

"LELO HEX" can also be called a new-generation condom, which reviewed the condoms from the structure that had not made significant progress in the past 70 years. It is considered to be an item that will stop the dangerous sexually transmitted infection that spreads.

LELO HEX is a big feature compared with the existing condoms, "It is making sexual pleasure up", "It is not slippery", "strength is increasing" is a big feature.

The strength of LELO HEX can be confirmed from the following. The one on the left is a normal condom on the glass, the right is the one on the glass that covers the LELO HEX. Bustfully stabbing the needle ......

Normal condoms immediately torn the condom around the hole, but LELO HEX has kept the hole to a minimum even if the needle is pulled out.

Even though I kept stabbing the bush and needle, the condom did not rupt big. If you click on the image, you can check the condition of actually stabbing the needle in the condom with GIF animation.

Because it incorporates a hexagonal structure like a honeycomb into a condom. With an astonishing thinness of one carbon atom and 100 times the strength of iron "Graphene"Incorporating the structure of the material in latex · condoms, the individual small structure continues to increase the strength, the impact has been kept to a minimum.

In addition, since the mesh structure fits the condom tightly to the body, it does not come off the condom while using it, and sexual pleasure also increases.

The 350 hexagonal structures are each a combination of 0.055 mm mesh called "HEX web" and 0.045 mm latex panels, giving users an unprecedented comfort.

The package looks something like this.

The development of condom that prevents sexually transmitted diseases without loss of sexual sensation has attracted a great deal of attention in recent years, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates tries to develop next-generation condom in 20131 million dollar investment supportHas been announced.A condom using a new material called "super high-strength hydrogel" has also been developedHowever, it is LELO HEX that "developed condoms with high strength with current materials, not condoms to be completed in 10 years with new materials".

The actor who announced that it is infected with HIV in 2015Charlie SheenIs a goodwill ambassador of LELO HEX.

LELO HEX is a cloud-funding platformIndiegogoWe are collecting more than 140,000 dollars (about 14.6 million yen) at the target price of 12,000 dollars (about 1,250,000 yen). To earn one box of 12 LELO HEX, you need 14 dollars (about 1460 yen), and as you increase the amount of investment, the number of boxes you can get increases. Although it is said that dispatch corresponds to the whole world, it is necessary to pay attention to the point that there is a possibility that it can be canceled without approval or the price for tax is added depending on the country.

LELO HEX - The Worlds First Re-Engineered Condom | Indiegogo

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