What if we do not receive any education?

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Compulsory education is carried out in many countries, but if animation does not teach anything in childhood, what kind of influence will come out after the growth, the animation explained the movie "What If You Were Never Taught Anything?"Has been released.

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A young child learns the world by observing the human beings and surroundings around him.

For example, children observe the behavior of adults and imitate the movement. Such a learning mode is "Observation learningIt is called.

When a child is watching where an adult spits or punches a doll against a doll ... ...

After adults are gone, we know that children act violently like adults. This experiment is "Bobo Doll ExperimentIt is called "observation" which proves to encourage learning.

What happens if there is nothing to observe around the child? Also, what if a child does not have anyone to teach things?

For example, suppose you are experimenting on people who lack fundamental learning such as language.

However, in order to perform this experiment, it is impossible to conduct a research because it is necessary to place subjects in an isolated environment from the time they were born, which is contrary to morality.

Very rarely, I lived without touching almost anyone for some reasonWild childThere is a child called. Most famous areJeanie WileyHere is an example. Jeanie was confined to his father for 13 years since he was born and was trapped in a small room.

In 1970 parents were charged with child abuse, and Genee started rehabilitation under the team of psychologists and linguists.

Also, as an object of research for Jeanie, an experiment was conducted that "If human beings do not learn languages ​​in early childhood, can they acquire the language to a level that allows communication after growth?" At the beginning of the experiment, Jeanie was able to learn words promptly and was able to talk using 2-3 words similar to infants.

However, the communication skill of Geeney did not develop. Because Jeanie was unable to remember grammar.

Grammar is a linguistNoom · ChomskyMr. Mr. defines as "line separating human language and animal communication method" is an important factor for communication.

Jeanie, children learn languages ​​from infancy to adolescenceCritical periodIt seems that I could not remember grammar because I passed.

In the hypothesis of researchers, the nervous system is sensitive to language acquisition during the critical period, and it is almost impossible to master the language after the critical period. Learning sign language is also difficult.

I am studying about the critical periodEric LinenbergAccording to Mr., the left brain is responsible for language function.

However, it seems that brain plasticity is lost after the critical period, making it difficult to learn new things.

However, in addition to language acquisition, Jeanie was able to perfectly master other actions such as using a toilet and wearing clothes.

In addition, he said he was interested in the surrounding environment.

In other words, even people who did not learn anything from childhood can learn after growth without learning languages ​​and learning through observation learning regardless of age.

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