Eggs' n Things Opened at Shinsaibashi store 3rd anniversary pancake "Ekolu (Ekoru) pancake" has been eaten

The Shinsaibashi store, which is the first Kansai Eggs' n Things store, opened the anniversary pancake of Shinsaibashi store only to commemorate the third anniversary of the opening "Ekolu (Ekoru) pancake"We are selling for a limited time period from June 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016. I was interested in the compatibility of sweet and sour fruity taste of mango and pineapple with dough pancakes and fluffy whipped cream, so I actually went to eat.

Eggs' n Things

Eggs' n Things Shinsaibashi store is a 3-minute walk from Osaka Municipal Subway Shinsaibashi Subway Station Exit 7.

The appearance of the store looks like this. I visited there at 15 o'clock on weekdays, so I never waited for entrance.

I immediately found "Ecollepan cake (1600 yen including tax)" in the menu.

This is Ecollepan cake. You can easily understand that pancakes are freshly baked when they touch the plate.

What makes you stand out is a whip cream of heaping, comparing the height of this with iPhone 6 like this.

The diameter of pancake and the length of iPhone 6 are about the same.

Eco Lupine cake comes with 4 pancakes.

A lot of mangoes and pineapple on top of pancakes.

It is mint that looks accentuated, and custard cream is plentifully topped under mango & pineapple.

Also, the whipped cream of the heap was covered with finely chopped mango fruit and mango sauce.

In addition, two pieces of pie cloth are set against a whipped cream.

First I will eat pancake and custard cream. Although the pancake is thin, it is easy to baked, you can feel the smell and saltiness of butter. Custard cream is not mixed with fresh cream, the egg flavor has a nice rustic flavor. It is characterized by a gentle sweetness and a highly textured texture, and also compatibility with hot pancakes.

When you eat this with mango or pineapple, the sweetness of the custard is modest, so the sweet and sour fruit becomes the main character of the whole, transforming into a refreshing summer taste. The pineapple is quite sour when eating alone, but when it is combined with a fruity sweetness of a mature mango with a strong fruity or a gentle sweetness of a custard cream, it is neutralized to reasonable acidity.

I will eat it with whipped cream. Since whipped cream is moderately light with a moderate sweetness, it can be eaten even with plenty of toppings. Also, because it will make the whole taste mild if topping it is good.

I also eat pie.

Pie seems to be a good chopstick break because crisp texture is quite different from the soft texture of pancake. However, the pie itself has little taste, whipped cream is quite sweet, so it is better to eat with custard cream or fruit when you eat.

Maple syrup, coconut sauce and guava sauce are placed on the table from the left, so I will try using this as well.

I think that the flavor of maple syrup will erase the ecollepan cake's merit, and it matches more than I imagined. However, because it is already sweet enough, I do not feel the need to take the trouble to add maple syrup.

Coconut sauce is also similar, coconut flavor and custard and whipped cream compatibility is good, but the whole is too sweet.

Guava sauce is acidic and fruity, so compatibility with mango & pineapple is better than creams.

When it comes to the last person, there are times that "custard cream and mango & pineapple have gone", so it seems good to use the source of the table at that time.

The "Ekolu (Ekoru) pancake" which can only be eaten at the Shinsaibashi store is limited-time sale from June 1, 2016 to June 30.

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