Close to the actual state of "Skeleton Crew" who assemble gigantic specimens of dinosaurs in museums

The huge dinosaur skeleton specimens displayed at the Great Museum, such as the Smithsonian Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, are actually assembled in a state-of-the-art warehouse in Ontario, Canada. The inside of the warehouse where the professional called "Skeleton Crew" is working day and night is on YouTube.

Rebuilding Dinosaurs with the 'Skeleton Crew' - YouTube

First of all the cameras caught the bones of living things.

The camera that the angle looks like looking down from behind ....

Skeletal specimen of the whole body of Tyrannosaurus which is carnivorous dinosaur. In an inorganic warehouse, Tyrannosaurus of only the bone capturing the prey seems to start moving and it is also a surreal.

It is to assemble a skeletal specimen of dinosaur for museums around the worldResearch Casting International. "Here is just a bone, it is also part of history, many people do not know that dinosaurs are custom made and made here," said representative Peter May Mr. is.

There are large and small skeletal specimens in the warehouse.

This is not heating the bones ... ...

I am bending the iron pipe with heat, and I am making a frame to support the skeleton.

From dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus to large mammalsMastodonVarious skeletons are assembled and fitted in the frame.

The number of bones stored in the warehouse is over 800.

Like this, it seems that there are things buried in the earth.

A worker who takes out only the head of the dinosaur ... ...

A man looking like opening a hole.

A woman in the image seems to be doing the scraping work by wearing a mask.

This woman is like moving a file.

A wooden box is sliding in the warehouse. The bones of living things are delivered to the warehouse at first, in a wooden box.

One of the boxes was written with the word "T-REX" indicating Tyrannosaurus with a figure of 555000.

Bones removed from the box are first cleaned and hardened ... ...

Unnecessary parts are scraped off.

And when the temporary frame that supports the specimen necessary for the assembly work is completed ......

Assembly begins at last.

A worker carrying a huge bone.

I will screw things like screws between bone and bone.

The members of the workers are as follows. Age, gender and so on seems to fall apart.

When it was taken, it seems that it was in the middle of assembling a pair of dinosaur skeletal specimens.

This is the completion drawing. I heard that one dinosaur is flying over to another one.

Research Casting International has a track record of completing hundreds of giant specimens so far by making skeletal specimens for the movie Jurassic Park and making huge specimens for exhibition at the American Natural History Museum.

What is this doing ......

Rotating the bones on the turntable and importing 3D data into the computer.

The computer screen looks something like this.

About Skeleton Crew's work, "It is difficult to live a life on bones," Mey says.

In a box, bones are just 'bones' in the state they came. That is through the hands of the workers, each by doing their own work as a professional ......

Upon completion, it will be in a completely different state from when it arrives at the warehouse, so that children and adults who have visited the museum for over 100 years will be able to continue to show "form of dinosaurs that existed in the past".

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