"Kniterate" 3D printer that knits knit products automatically according to template appeared

Making a real life-sized figure,Make the real ears,Make a turtle's beak,Make cooking, A 3D printer that is active in many ways. Next seems to also advance to clothing.


Arduino Blog - Kniterate is a 3D printer for clothes

London-based startup "Kniterate" has developed a 3D printer for knitwear. By reading templates prepared in advance, you can produce various things from socks and scarves, ties and hats to sweaters. It is easy to modify the template.

Although it is not completed as a product yet,Angel investorsIsHAXA prototype demonstration was held at the event of.

Meet Kniterate, a CNC Knitting Machine! - YouTube

This is Kniterate's 3D printer. IT-related news siteTested"Automatic knitting machine of computer control" is expressed.

It is the founder Gerald Rubio who is interviewed.

Just as we are specializing in knitting, the mechanism is quite different from 3D printers that have appeared so far.

As Tested expressed, feeling like "knitting machine" rather than 3D printer ... ....

The template seems to correspond to various knittings and patterns just by changing the template to be read with this kind of feeling. These parts are similar to automatic looms.

With the whole machine, you can see that it is such an appearance, it is on an extended line of the 3D printer.

In the above movie, only a fine appearance is in motion, but there is also a movie about how the actually knitted part comes out.

Knitted with knit logo of "Kniterate".

In addition, we are planning to invest in Kickstarter by September 2016 in order to make improvements in the future and produce the next generations.

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