Research found out that it is necessary to combine face and face in real, not net, to relieve loneliness

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When one person is left on a deserted island, basic needs such as appetite and sleeping desire are satisfied, when communication with a person is restricted only to a mobile terminal, whether the person feels lonely or a problem Can you live without it? The results of the research that answers the question "I was asked" were shown. According to research results published by Alan Teo of Assistant Professor of Health Science University of Oregon and others, in order to soften the feeling of loneliness of people and to prevent depression and chronic diseases, it is necessary to communicate in face-to-face rather than electronic terminal Thing.

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PsychologistSusan PinkerAccording to Mr. said, "When one person is left on an uninhabited island, basic needs such as appetite and sleeping desire are satisfied, and communication with people is restricted only through mobile terminals" It is said that it is a metaphor of a state where modern Americans are placed. Most of the modern people living in developed countries are satisfied with basic needs and 85% have access to the Internet, so it is possible to connect with someone over the terminal, 26% of the total is extremely lonely I feel it.

In the past research many psychologists have revealed that the key to causing depression · chronic illness · early death is the feelings when friends and family were rejected or ignored, that is, "feeling of loneliness" It was. However, while the percentage of people living in middle-aged and older adults feel lonely has increased to 40% now compared to 14% in the 1970s.


By reading the following article you can see how loneliness affects your life.

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Many psychologists agree that "electronic terminals such as smartphones and tablets function as an antidote for society where loneliness spreads", but many psychologists agree that, on the other hand, instinctive that "important things are important" for human beings Whether there are virtual sensations brought about by virtual experiences has been questionable.

So, Assistant Professor Alan · Theo of Oregon Health Sciences University examined the data of 11 thousand subjects aged fifty and over who participated in "National Survey on Aging" conducted from 2004 to 2010, I investigated whether the lack of social contacts cause depression two years later. In the survey, demographic factors that are thought to accelerate the risk of depression such as sex, age, medical history, etc. are considered.

Teo assistant professors and others in October 2015Journal of the American Geriatrics SocietyAccording to the paper presented in the paper, it turns out that communication among the various types of communication, which actually matches the face with the face, prevents the risk of depression of people in the middle age. Telephone communicationMood disorderAlthough there was an influence on the risk of depression of the future of the person who had been diagnosed as having been diagnosed as having been influenced by others, it does not affect other people, and communication by text such as e-mail or the like has no effect on the subjects of the investigation I did not give it.

At this time, how often you meet friends and family members is the key to causing depression, the higher the frequency of matching your face in the same place, the less likely it will be depression in the future It is also known.

That is, among those who were the subjects of survey, those who meet with children, friends, families, etc. only once in a few months have the highest rate of becoming sick and, contrarily, at least three times a week, People saying that they face each other is the least sick. Furthermore, it is better for people aged 50 to 70 to communicate face to face with friends, and it is also important that people over the age of 70 are most important to face directly with their families. "If we face more with people in person, we can live better," said Theo, assistant professor.


Of course, e-mail and telephone communication are also very important for people to participate in society, but in order to not suffer from depression or illness later in life, it is more important to have opportunities to face face-to-face directly with friends and family It is becoming.

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