"Draw Your Blade" that creates "sword" freely in VR space and knocks down enemies approaching

A VR game that creates your favorite form of blades and attacks ball-shaped enemies coming from around and just knocks downDraw Your Blade"The prototype has been completed and its play movie has been released.

Draw Your Blade - Prototype - YouTube

Draw Your Blade community - Draw Your Blade by Gama

The first thing that appeared on the game screen is the HTC Vive controller that the player actually has in hand.

This is the part of the handle of the sword, and the blade creates itself as you like.

The blade is surely produced as many scales connected like scales.

If you do not mind, you can recreate.

"Fate / stay nightWeapons can be generated one after another, as Shiro Shojiro 's do.

Looking around, the letters "Start Game" are.

And looking down a bit, you see a red bar. This is not an enemy, it is a gauge showing your strength.

The enemy is in the form of a ball, it obstructs closely. Because it receives damage when hitting your body, I will cut it with a sword before that.

As the enemy comes over several waves, the enemy who is now wanting to annihilate quickly.

This blue ball that comes out first can beat with a single blow, it feels very refreshing.

Eventually the enemy 's second wave came.

In preparation for the next enemy, we create a new sword.

Now this is the shape.

It feels like being hit with a toffee.

A red enemy appeared.

It is durable and can not be defeated unless it attacks several times.

Further enemies will come, so we have new weapons ... ....

I do not know well whether it is a sword or a shield.

As the yellow enemy beat the bullets, it was a shape to repel it.

Defeat all enemies and win.

The graphics are still simple, but it made me feel the possibility of FPS and action games using VR.

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