A man ordered to pay more than 3 million yen in case of selling about 4000 printers online

ByTim Caynes

A 66-year-old man got a community site "Craigslist(Craigs List) "for a printer for $ 40 (about 4300 yen). Although the transaction seemed to be established without any problem, the seller's man was sued by the purchaser's male as "the printer was out of order", and the trial continued for over six and a half years since then It was. Men who sold printers finally developed into a situation where compensation for 30,000 dollars (about 3.2 million yen) is demanded.

Man sued for $ 30K over $ 40 printer he sold on Craigslist

Ms. Doug Costello, a 66-year-old residing in Massachusetts, sold printers that were no longer needed in 2009 online.

Mr. Gaucher Zavodnik, 54-year-old living in Indiana, purchased a printer. The printer cost $ 75 (about 8000 yen) with shipping fee, and it seemed that the deal was established without problems. As a matter of fact Mr. Zavodnik is a person known as a frequent lawsuit in the legal circle and has more than 100 lawsuits on online transactions and the like. The Indiana Supreme Court sometimes said that it is "an illegal litigant" who requests astronomical reparations against individuals and companies. Mr. Zavodnik 's room in the photograph has a lot of documents related to trial matters piled up.

Mr. Zavodnik appealed Mr. Costello as "We purchased printer parts are not enough and we did not work." According to the complaint submitted to the Marion Court, Mr. Zavodnik argues that "There was no option left to try to solve the problem against Mr. Costello, but wasted in vain and has taken legal action." . Mr. Zavodnik demanded the highest amount of $ 6000 (about 650,000 yen) in a small trial at the Marion Court, but losing it as having thrown away the proof printer.

Although Mr. Costello thought that one case was settled, Mr. Zavodnik again announced in 2010 that "Because Mr. Costello worked for breach of contract and fraudulent acts, damages more than $ 30,000 (about 3.2 million yen) I have an obligation to pay "to Mr. Costello. However, the court has rejected the other 26 cases tried by Mr. Zavodnik, and it is recorded that the trial against Mr. Costello was also dismissed.

Two years later in 2012, Mr. Zavodnik changed the court to the Indiana State Court, filed the same trial and asked the first trial to resume the trial. Together Zavodnik said that he sent a complaint seeking two approvals to Mr. Costello, and one said "because he conspired with the judge and deceived the case, the same trial of 30,000 dollars (about 3.2 million yen) "It is obliged to pay the above damages" and the other is "obligation to pay damages of more than $ 60,000 (about 6,470,000 yen) together with the previous and this reparation" There was "that there was" to seek approval for the content.

Mr. Costello has not responded to a total of three notices, but according to the laws of Indiana state, Mr. Costello, which did not respond to the complaint, will be paying damages. Meanwhile, Mr. Costello has not appeared in the trial scheduled in July 2013, "I have never received Mr. Zavodnik's complaint before." At last, Mr. Costello took measures such as setting up a lawyer, but eventually in six decades judgment in 2015, Mr. Costello said "I violated the contract", and Mr. Zavodnik had 30,444 He was ordered to pay damages of 7 cents (about 3.23 million yen).

ByTori Rector

Mr. Costello, who received this news from a lawyer, was in Ontario, Canada on a business trip, but he almost fell into a state of collapse at a restaurant that was eating. However, the appellate court has remanded to this decision, eventually Mr. Costello will only need to pay a lawyer's fee of approximately $ 12,000 (about 1.28 million yen). Mr. Costello said, "I have been burdened with a heavy financial and mental burden in the past 6 and a half years." Mr. Zavodnik may further appeal, but Mr. Costello is unwilling to buy and sell online in the future and he is not thinking of legal measures against Zavodnik. Mr. Costello said, "There are plenty more, I do not want to get involved with him any more in my life."

It is obvious that Mr. Zavodnik 's doors hit the gap of the law, and the group litigation group appealed by Zavodnik is working to eliminate the corruption of the court.

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