OECD's findings that the robot is not likely to deprive people of his work, why?


McDonald's former CEO says "All work is replaced by robots"Remark, And there is a high possibility that Japanese Nomura Research Institute will be replaced with robots and artificial intelligence in the futurePublish occupationThere are many predictions that human beings will be replaced by robots in many occupations in the future due to the development of robots and AIs. Meanwhile, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has announced the findings that it is unlikely that many jobs will be lost by robots.

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According to a survey by three researchers, Melanie Arntz, Terry Gregory, Ulrich Zierahn, Center for European Economic Research published by the OECD, according to the findings of three researchers, in 21 countries that are members of the OECD future robots It is said that the occupation that could be replaced with 9% of the total. This 9%20% calculated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics(In the US) and49% investigated by Nomura Research InstituteCompared to Japan (domestic), it can be seen that considering the differences between the surveyed countries is considerably few figures.

BySteve Jurvetson

Dr. Arntz, who led the survey, said that "the proportion of occupations that may be lost in the future" and "occupations that may be lost in the future due to the development of technology" should not be considered equally. For some reason, it takes time to introduce new technology due to economic, legal and social barriers, even if technologies are introduced, workers are given different tasks. In addition, it is said that the introduction of robots also requires that surveys should include the increase in occupations that have never been before.

In the survey, the OECD countries' results of the ratio of occupations that can be replaced by robots in the future are also shown, 9% in the USA, 7% in Japan, 10% in the UK. The highest was 12% of Austria, Germany and Spain, the lowest was Russia, which was only 2%.

However, in the survey, "It is unlikely that the automation and digitization will destroy a number of occupations, but those who do not require any special skills will need to work in highly skilled skills professionals Compared to people who are usually, it is easy to be influenced by automation. "

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